Daily Archives: June 11, 2012

So What Is Retirement?

This post is from a couple years ago.  I wrote it not too soon after I started this blog.  What are your thoughts?  It’s still relevant to the concept of Sixty Something Now.


Early in each week, I’ll be writing about something to do with Sixty Something Now and Beyond.  By the way this is the new name for The Joys of Aging.  I didn’t like the word aging, thus the change.

How do you feel about the concept of retirement?  Is this word even on you radar?  A few weeks ago, someone asked my husband why he continued to work so hard (from her perspective) and not just retire and enjoy life.  He explained that he really enjoyed what he was doing and he hadn’t decided to stop doing it.  Also, he didn’t consider it work.

As we were discussing this, it occurred to me that the concept of retirement came from the traditional model of working for forty plus years and then you would move over, collect social security and maybe a pension and sit back and wait the the next thing to happen.

Well, fortunately for us, we don’t have to think like that.  First of all, so many people have already transitioned from the corporate model, either willingly or having it forced on them, that they are probably doing something much more creative and fun and are not thinking of stopping any time soon.

When my parents were both 65, they moved into a great retirement community.  Today, that’s probably something most of us would not consider at that age.  I don’t exactly believe that 65 is the new 45, but I do believe we have many productive years ahead and many of us are looking forward to our next project.

So what is that for you?  What are you doing that is new to you and a real change from what you may have done in the past?  We would love to hear your story.