Everything Affects Everything Else

Jim Rohn was so prolific and the world was so fortunate to have had him share his insights for the number of years he did.

Jim Rohn was one of the world’s finest business philosophers. He was extremely knowledgeable in the concepts of personal development among his peers in personal development and speaking.

Jim Rohn could make for of an impact in two minutes than many orators do in fifteen.  Powerful!

2 thoughts on “Everything Affects Everything Else

  1. Dave

    Both Jim and Zig Ziglar were the best motivational speakers I had ever heard
    Both spoke from experience and from triumph
    Core learning and remembering at any age for acheivement

  2. Jacquie Harkema Post author

    Thanks Dave for taking the time to comment. It looks like you have an interesting site/blog as well. I have ‘pre-posted’ a video I saw on your site from moments.org. It will show up here Saturday June 16th. Thanks for your interest. And yes, there are lots of things here that pertain to people of all ages.

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