A New Chapter

This week each of my two sisters and their husbands will start a new chapter in their lives.

Each couple is making a major change.  Actually any move people make to new living quarters is a big deal, but these moves are huge.

Being our age, (if you are over 60), I believe you will relate.  One sister and her husband have been retired from their jobs for a few years.  They have chosen to move to a wonderful ‘retirement community’.  They’ve had their name on the list for a few years and previously chose to move down that list.  A few months ago, however, they decided to take the plunge.  Major change, wouldn’t you say?

I think this will actually be a smooth transition for them, since they will be very close to the home they have just sold and are still around their kids and grandkids.  And this is something they have been looking forward to.  It’s truly a spectacular place.

My other sister and her husband have just built a home in a golfing/boating community in South Carolina maybe about an hour from the home they have just sold.  They too, have been anticipating this for a while and have had a great experience building their dream home.  I know they will enjoy their new chapter of life.  They are looking forward to many rounds of golf and who knows what other adventures lie ahead.  This sister just stopped working at the end of May, after working for many years.  She has stated she is looking forward to not having to wake up to an alarm.  Wow, that in itself is a big change.

We wish them well and we are very excited for them.  I find it an interesting feeling for me.  Even though we are geographically not in the same area as either one, I feel an odd sense of change for myself.  Perhaps it is because this is a true signal that things are changing for all of us.

When we’re younger, making a move to a different home was for a different reason.  Hmmm.  These events have caused me to reflect on lots of things.  It probably is intensified by the fact that recently we attended a memorial service for a friend of my husband’s who died suddenly and whom he’d known since their freshman year in college.  Yes he had been ill over the years but this was sudden and unexpected.  He was still in his 60s.

Lots to process about the passages of our lives, and how we deal with a new chapter.





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