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Pure Michigan

Pure Michigan is the phrase used in numerous video commercials to advertise this great state.  What could be a better weekend video than showing off some of our landscape.

The Pure Michigan campaign has won an award or perhaps more than one.  What do you think?  Would this entice you to visit Michigan, if you are not a resident?  It has brought in numerous visitors already in the few years this promotion has been around.  In fact when it came time for budget cutting last year, this was not considered because of the economic value it brings to businesses in Michigan.

Other Shoes

We’ve probably all heard the expression, ‘Put yourself in the other person’s shoes‘.  Well, how easy is that to do?  Have you ever been successful at doing that?

Years ago, while taking The Dale Carnegie Course, I read his book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. His premise is that the other person in any kind of exchange, is thinking from their position.  Therefore, to win them over, you need to put yourself in their shoes.

Most importantly, remember and say the person’s name.  Ask lots of questions to get the other person to talk about himself.  Keep asking and listening.  The other person will think you are a wonderful conversationalist.  They will think well of you for paying attention to them.

Many years ago, around the time I was taking this course,  I was in a business-social, black tie situation with executive level people.  I engaged my newly-learned skill and was utterly amazed at the response when I immersed myself in learning about them.  These people were extremely responsive and receptive to the attention and I felt totally empowered.

The concept of putting yourself in the other’s shoes, is the highest compliment you can give someone.  It means that you are interested.

This is actually a reminder to myself to remember to do this more often.  With family, with friends, with business acquaintances, in networking situations (ahhh…  networking situations–we really need to do this here).

How about you?  Have you ever done this?  How did it go?

If you have never tried this, perhaps it’s time to give it a try and let us know how it works.

Have fun with this and enjoy the experience.  I believe you will do this often once you are comfortable with the process.  Let us know.



Worry is an interesting word.  Many profound things have been written on the topic of worry.

Some people worry about most things.  How about you?  Would you say that you are a worrier?

It seems that the people I’ve met whom I would consider to be ‘worriers’ haven’t gotten the message that worrying about something is not a productive use of time.  Worry does not change the outcome to anything.  And think about the stress it leaves in its path.

Recently I had a situation that came up.  This had to do with a yearly routine, preventive medical test women endure every twelve months.  I had that procedure towards the end of May.  My doctor called to tell me I had to go back and have a more in depth look at something, and at the same time indicated this is probably nothing.  Would you agree that nothing is nothing when it concerns us?

When I called to set the follow up appointment, they were not able to fit me in until I returned from my scheduled nine day trip to Maui.  Yikes, I had wanted to do it before.

So, as I saw it, I had two choices:  to disasterize over the possible test results when I returned, or minimize the thought of it.  I chose the latter.  And am I happy I did.  The results were negative!  Totally!

When I called my husband on the way home, my comment after I gave him the good news was that I was so happy that I had not spent time worrying about this on our trip.  I honestly had not.

My next comment was how fortunate I felt, having gotten this good news and thinking that a percentage of the women in that waiting room were not as fortunate as I.

Worry is not a good thing any way you look at it.  It serves no good purpose, no matter what you are worrying about.  It cannot change anything and I personally feel it can be detrimental to our health.

What are your thoughts on worry?  Let us hear from you.

Internet For Information

How do you use the Internet?  Are you online often and using it for lots of different things?  Are you only using it for email and Facebook?

Or are you using it for research?  You know, you hear about something, anything, and you are online immediately to learn about it.

This is a story of people who are using it for more serious research.

Personally, I’ve known people who are using the Internet to learn as much as can be learned about advances for a debilitating disease he’s been dealing with for many years.

Who have you heard about who is using this magnificent tool?  Any success?  Results?

Great Concepts

This was written a while back and I thought it was worth a repost.  These concepts are timeless.


The main reason and motivation I had for creating Sixty Something Now was to allow people in our demographic to learn about what is going on with others.  Who is having success?  Who is creating what they would like to have now?  How are they doing it?

Over the past couple days, I attended a business event where I got some really wonderful nuggets that apply to this concept and wanted to share them.  I would imagine that there are many people who will read this and will resonate with these ideas.  For some these may be new.  But perhaps for many of us, as it was with me this weekend, a good reinforcement of some pretty down-to-earth philosophies.

Question:  What is the secret to succeeding?  Answer:  Get up one more time than you fall down.

Question:  What do I need to do and how long will it take to be successful?  Answer:  Do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.

Question:  What will be the cost (financial, emotional, etc.) of doing something to create my next success and what if I don’t succeed?  Answer:  There’s a cost to doing it and a cost to not doing it.

The gentleman presenting at this event is in our demographic (sixty something) and used a thought-provoking comment relative to the idea of being successful now, for people like us.  Yes, you are at whatever age you are now.  But in two years will you not be two years older, whether or not you jumped in to accomplish something new, continued along your path to success or… did you just choose to sit by and do nothing?



It’s All Relative

This was written in the early days of Sixty Something Now.  As I read it just now, I still find it rather humorous.  Well, maybe it’s just my humor.  What do you think?


Sometimes I wonder why these amusing thoughts pop into my head.  Recently I was thinking of what I would write for a blog post, and something occurred to me.  When I’m in a conversation and it may involve my Mother, for instance, I explain… She’s no longer older.  She is old.  I am older.

My Mother turned 97 years old in November 2009.  I don’t feel it is insulting in any way to say she is old.  So where does that leave someone in my age demographic.  Well I would say that people would refer to us as older.

The amusing part of this that struck me earlier is that when we do comparisons using a word like old, to describe other things, it’s kind of the opposite.  Old used this way to compare something like a date on a loaf of bread, means it is not as old as older, meaning that the older bread is more stale or moldy than the old bread.  You know… old, older, oldest.

Now this is not earth-shattering stuff, but just a little thought I had.  Thought it may bring a chuckle to your day.  Any thoughts you’d like to share?  Feel free to comment.


Oh, on a side bar note, my Mother will be turning 100 years old in November.  Wow!  That is OLD!  My Mother would definitely agree.

Sole Survivor

Have you heard of the upcoming movie called, Sole Survivor?  It’s due to be released in August.  I recently became aware of it and thought you might be interested in this short video about the movie.

Every so often we hear of a crash with one sole survivor.  Can you imagine how you would feel to be that person?  Well, according to this movie, no one can unless you’ve been through it.  And without a doubt, we don’t want to find out.

One of these fourteen people, Cecilia Chichan, is the sole survivor of the Northwest Airlines Flight 255 crash at Detroit Metro Airport in 1987.  It happened within seconds or minutes of take-off.  The pilot never adjusted the flaps on the wings to the direction needed to be for take-off.  Hence the plane couldn’t get the ‘lift’ it needed to get airborne.

Since hearing that in 1987 and probably because this was pretty close to home, when I fly I always check the flaps if I am within view of them as we are taking off and landing.  Perhaps that is a bit of false comfort, since I probably would not know what to say and probably couldn’t say it fast enough to make a difference.

Enough of that.  I would imagine the pilots today follow a specific checklist to avoid this type of thing and so much more.  Quite frankly, I just relax and enjoy the flight, especially since that part is out of my hands.


The word nice is an interesting word.  It is a relative word and really needs to be used in context to something else.  That’s actually implied in most cases.

This is a post I wrote within the past year and felt it was worth reposting.


Are you a nice person?  This sounds like a rather odd question because it’s a rhetorical question, right?  After all, don’t we all think we are all nice people?

So, what’s my point here?  My point here is that it is difficult to deal with people whom we construe as not very nice.  So how do you deal with people in business who are like this?  What about people you deal with on a personal level?

I’ve found that for me the best thing is to have as little contact with these people as possible.  When I have no choice and need to be around them, I find the best thing is to fortify myself with self-talk about how I have no control over the person, while looking forward to getting through the duration of the contact.

What do you do about this type of people?  How do you handle the situations and interactions with them?

We’d really like to know about some things that have worked for you.

Inspire Others

Another segment of the interview with Erik Michielsen of Capture Your Flag and Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why, and what a fundamental concept.  How to inspire others to do what inspires them?

It sounds so logical, and so right on.  Are you one who inspires others to do what inspires them?

Let us know of your experiences with this.  You know, perhaps a family member, a friend, a spouse.  Would love to hear about your story.