What’s Really Going On?

Recently I saw this thought-provoking video posted on someone’s Facebook wall and remembered I had seen the same video on a friend’s wall a while back and posted it here in my blog.

Well, this is so good that it is worth reposting.

There is an expression I’ve used that reminds me of what’s really going on here.  We all spin in our own circles.  We all are dealing with stuff!  We all have so much going on in our life that sometimes we forget that everyone else does as well.

It’s not all about us!  We need to keep this in mind when we become impatient with someone in the type of situations this guy encountered.  You know, every day situations that can get us annoyed and frustrated easily.

So, let’s keep in mind that we may be getting someone around us annoyed by the things we do and don’t even realize it.  We’re all thinking of our own stuff!

On a side note, one of the best things I’ve done in my life, was to take The Dale Carnegie Course in the early 80s.  It taught me that it’s not all about me.  Everyone has their own issues and things that are important to them.  How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie…  If I remember that is the premise of the book.  You may enjoy reading it.


What are your comments on this?

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