Fitness After Sixty

Tuesday is the day we write about Success After Sixty.  There are many kinds of success, which we’ve mentioned before.  Today let’s talk about success in fitness after sixty.

Recently I found this site, with an article you may find interesting.  In this article is a ‘Functional Fitness Test‘ that gives specific things to do and how to do them.  It seems to be a great guide if you are just getting started.

O.K.  Not everyone relates to fitness, exercise or taking the time to workout.  However, let’s face it…  It’s time to get over IT!  You know, just do it!

Having gone to our local YMCA over the past year, I’ve seen lots of people like us there, putting their time into themselves, physically getting into or staying in shape.

This month I’m working with a personal trainer two days a week at another facility in our town and it is amazing how many people (like me) are there.  The purpose of my training is to establish a routine to cover the parts of working out that I don’t get from the treadmill…  Like core, upper body strength, balancing.

I’ve been walking outside for years and for the past five years mainly in our lower level on the treadmill an average of five days a week.  When I ramped up to 45 minutes last year, I was doing about 2.5 miles.  Recently I’ve figured out that I can go faster and cover the same distance in less time.

How is your fitness success?  What are you doing to stay or get in shape?  We’d really like to hear from you.

By the way, remember the movie (I think it was, What About Bob?)  Remember, “Baby steps…  Baby steps…”  If you haven’t worked out, it’s always the right time to start.  Little bit by little bit.

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