Betty White…Still A Hit

Betty White is still a hit and recently I came across her new show on NBC.  Off Their Rockers is an interesting and somewhat humorous take on Candid Camera.  This show has a number of seniors, (actors) who pull pranks on younger people.

Have you seen this show yet.  I believe it’s on at 8:00PM E.T. Wednesday evenings.  What is your take on this?

Too slapstick, goofy, absurd?  Or just plain funny?

2 thoughts on “Betty White…Still A Hit

  1. Carolyn Hillman

    Just plain hilarious!!! See what we can get away with when we GET OLD. hahaha

  2. Jacquie Harkema Post author

    Carolyn, Have you ever seen the show? You kind of have to adapt to the concept, since it’s a bit ‘different’ and unexpected. Glad it gave you a laugh!

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