Daily Archives: April 25, 2012

New iPad vs. iPad 2

O.K.  I’m sure you’ve all been wondering how the new iPad compares to the iPad 2…  Well, even if you have not, here is a short video with some of the differences…

And by the way, this video indicates the name as the new iPad 3.  I have checked the Apple site and it is referred to as simply the new iPad.

If you have the new iPad, let us hear from you about it.  Actually 300 of these magnificent machines were given away by our company this past weekend at our convention.  I was not one of the fortunate recipients.  I still have my iPad, you know the original one that is now outdated.

Be that as it may, I love my iPad.  At some point I’m sure I will get a newer version, but for now, I don’t feel the need.  However, if someone were to give one to me…  I’d gladly accept it!

What I find really fascinating is how Apple, one of my favorite technology providers, does such a superb job of quickly creating a market of outdated products.  Oh, wait.  I guess that’s just good marketing!  What are your thoughts on this?