Daily Archives: April 23, 2012

Loving Life

This was written and posted by me a while back, and thought it was worth a re-post…


This blog and the Sixty Something Now site is about loving life.  Loving life now, over the age of sixty.

By the way, there’s a number of sites out there that appeal mostly to women over sixty, with pretty much the same message.  One of my favorites is Savoring Your Sixties.

Some friends have mentioned to me that much of what I write applies to a much broader audience.  On certain days of the week, I write about personal development, social media and the Internet, having fun on weekends, and success (mostly after sixty).  Monday is the day I reserve for enjoying life after 60 and sixty something now and beyond.

In my opinion, it is wonderful to be sixty something now.  I am, as I’m sure most of you are also, loving life as much now as ever.  We are free to act however we want to and love all the things our life has to offer.  We can continue to enjoy what it is that we always enjoyed doing because our vitality can allow us to do those things.

It’s so different now than it was for our parents’ generation.  There was an expectation then that over a certain age, pretty much around 40 or so, you had to change how you looked and acted.  I’ve mentioned here before, that my friend and I decided in our early 40’s that we didn’t have to buy into that.  Now twenty some years later, I’ve found that this way of thinking has served me well.

So, how are you loving life?  What are you doing that is so much fun and may be really different than anything your parents would have done at this age?

Some of us were fortunate enough to have had role models from the previous generation who showed how they loved life at every age and didn’t buy into feeling a need to grow old.

This website and blog were created to show how we can continue to love life and be young a long time.