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This was posted before, but I recently came across it and again laughed at the absurdity of this.

Check it out.  It will give you a good laugh.


Recently I saw this on the InSights Group blog.  I laughed out loud and thought I’d share it.  I’ve listed the information below.  Enjoy!

Vendor-Client Relationships

Every relationship has a story. “The Vendor Client Relationship” is a story that connected with more than half a million viewers in less than 14 days. When a story goes viral, it is finding a truth, touching a nerve or making people laugh. That’s what we do. It’s come as a surprise to many that this very viral video was created in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was. And that’s another story.

Tell us your story

Do you have a vendor client story? Or do you have a film or video project you would like us to help you tell? We’d like to be your vendor.