Daily Archives: April 19, 2012

How Do You Change?

How do you change?  Interesting question.  This could have many connotations and meanings.

It could mean how do change physically?  It could mean how do you develop personally.  Or how do you change emotionally?  Or how do you grow and mature?

Recently I was listening to a CD in a series I had purchased a few years ago.  I’ve been going through them again.  It’s fascinating how we can hear the same thing we listened to a couple years ago, and swear we’d never heard it.  You know, when we change we hear and see things differently.

What caught my attention was a comparison of change to what a trapeze artist does.  Picture a performer on a trapeze set up where there are a series of these things.  The performer starts swinging on one and when the momentum is just right and the next trapeze is within her reach, the only way she can grasp it, is to let go of the first one.

The first change I mentioned was physical.  It’s easy to understand how, when we change physically, we never stay the same… as we celebrate each birthday, we change our physical appearance.  (Even if a plastic surgeon was involved… we change physically.)

How about when we want to become a different, more improved person.  We work on ourselves to develop new skills to handle life events in a better way than before.  Wouldn’t you agree that we need to release our old self to grasp onto the way we want to be now.  When we change we create new ways of acting and being.  This is how we change.

So, how do you change?  Your thoughts?  Let us hear from you.