Daily Archives: April 12, 2012


Character is an interesting word, since there is so much to what it means.  There are numerous definitions of this word, but for this writing, I’m thinking in terms of the personal development definition.

A person’s character would then be made up of a number of traits.   Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, honesty, courage and integrity would be the main traits that could be thought of as comprising the character of a person.

Big list of traits, so let’s pick two and talk about them a bit.  The word integrity is a word that I think of when thinking of certain people of character that I know, and the phrase lack of integrity comes to mind when I think of certain other people I know.  Perhaps, you can envision people in your life who would fit one or the other of these.

Have you ever known someone who talks about himself or herself as having integrity, and you truly believe they can’t know the definition of the word, since you feel they lack it?

Wouldn’t you want to be thought of as a person of integrity?  Not that you really care what others think of you, but just from the aspect of who you are, don’t you want to have integrity?  That to me is probably the biggest component of character and a really important thing.  With our integrity as a guide we can make decisions both big and small, as they come up and feel good about them.

Respect would be the other biggie when it comes to a person with character.  Respect of and for things and people.  How does a person think of others?  Ahh!  Golden Rule!  That just came to my mind, since anyone who can act towards and respect others as she would want others to act toward and respect her, certainly is a person of character.

So, who do you think of when you think of someone with character, someone who has integrity and is respectful?  How about yourself?