Daily Archives: April 9, 2012

The Old Guy At The Masters

Every year the Masters Tournament organizers invite six amateurs to play in the event.  This year they invited various amateurs who fit what most of us would consider the profile:  young college players who are hoping to play in the PGA some day.

However, one of the amateurs was Randal Lewis, a 54 year old financial planner from Alma, Michigan.  He was affectionately referred to as ‘the old guy‘ by the spectators in the gallery.  O.K. Randy is certainly not sixty-something.  But I couldn’t resist highlighting him on this day… not only the day after the Masters, but the day of the week we honor how people enjoy life after 60.  In this case, it’s kind of a relative thing.  When a golfer is over 50, he’s eligible for the Seniors Tour (aka Champions Tour–renamed in the past few years).

Lewis and his wife were collegiate golfers on the team at Central Michigan University.  They’ve been married 29 years and have always been avid golfers.  One of their two sons is named Nicklaus…

What a great story of an experience of a lifetime for Randal Lewis.  This story about his experience will amuse you.  He mentioned in this article that he has bought almost $1,000 in Masters clothes and other items.  In this story written before the weekend, he indicated they would be staying till the end of the weekend to make sure they absorb everything there is about the experience.

If you are a golfer, you will appreciate reading this article from a vicarious perspective.  Wouldn’t we all want to enjoy this experience?