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Follow Up To The Greatest Basketball Story

This is the follow-up to yesterday’s post about J Mac.  If you didn’t read that, you might want to check it out in the archives.  Again, this is from yesterday.


While preparing my blogs for each day, I do a kind of research.  Many times, as you are probably aware, I check out You Tube videos. Yesterday I posted the story of Jason McElwain (J Mac), a teenager with autism, and The Greatest Basketball Story.  If you didn’t catch it, check it out in the archives from yesterday.

In viewing some related videos, I’ve decided to post this one today.  It is a follow-up to Jason’s magical game of six months earlier.  But more importantly, what I got out of this is the wonderful way that his story touched so many people.

In this video is the story of a family with a young child who has been diagnosed with autism also.   After seeing what Jason did, they now have been given hope for their son as a result.

What an amazing and wonderful ripple effect this is.

I keep thinking these two posts are very different than my usual personal development posts.  But for some reason I’m feeling compelled to show them here.  Not sure why, but perhaps these stories will touch you in a special way.

The Sky’s the limit, give it all the effort you can and never give up“, words spoken by Jason McElwain when asked by the interviewer what he thought people would see from his experience.  Pretty profound if you ask me!

Let me know what you think.