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J Mac and The Greatest Basketball Story Ever

In checking back through former posts, I picked this one.  Two reasons… The video is pretty darn special.  And with the Final Four and Championship games from the NCAA teams behind us, this just seems to fit.  Some people can’t get enough basketball!  Enjoy!


J Mac, the Greatest Basketball Story Ever… I stumbled upon this while searching out personal development videos.  I found it on this website and knew I needed to share it.  This is the story of a most remarkable basketball game which gave Jason McElwain, a teenager with autism, his (more than) fifteen minutes of fame.

The event filmed here took place about five years ago, but the concept is timeless.  Perhaps you will find it as intriguing and mesmerizing as I found it.  It’s almost five minutes long, but I’m sure you would agree worth your time.

Warning:  have the tissue box nearby.

What I really loved about this story was the way the kids in the school were all pulling for him, even before the game, to have a chance to play just once.

It’s about the humanness of all of us to empathize with those not as fortunate as we are.  We hear many negative things about teenagers, but this was a great story at the other end of that spectrum.

Let me know how you enjoyed it.  Feel free to pass it along.