Data Breach

On Friday March 30th it was announced by various news sources that a huge data breach occurred affecting the Master Card and Visa Card accounts of thousands of us.

Over the past number of years, we’ve heard other stories like this.  Do you get fearful when you hear things like this?  Are you one who likes to get all the facts so you will know exactly what happened?  Or are you someone who would rather just not know.  Kind of pretend it hasn’t happened and hope you won’t be affected by it.

The video below is a great explanation of what happened and how it might impact you.  I selected it because it’s an interview and appears to be factual and not hyped like some of the news reports seem to be.  I thought it was important to share it here.

In 2003 I enrolled in Identity Theft Shield.  This is the service that I now offer to others and it is quite different than other services on the market.  Before I had this service, I felt the way you may be feeling right now, if you don’t have this service in place.

Years ago, when we first started hearing about identity theft, I remember reading some information about what precautions to take to protect yourself from it happening to you and what you could do if it did happen.

I remember being so intimidated by it all I just wanted to bury my head and forget about it.  Didn’t mean I wasn’t concerned but it was just too overwhelming.

With Identity Theft Shield, I now hear about this type of information and know I don’t have to be concerned.  If I am affected by this or any identity theft issue, I call the 800# to Kroll and they will assign me a licensed investigator to work on it, by way of the limited power of attorney I will sign.  These investigators know how to put someone’s life back together after the horrors of identity theft.

Want more information on how you can have the same peace of mind?  Check out this site.


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