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Data Breach

On Friday March 30th it was announced by various news sources that a huge data breach occurred affecting the Master Card and Visa Card accounts of thousands of us.

Over the past number of years, we’ve heard other stories like this.  Do you get fearful when you hear things like this?  Are you one who likes to get all the facts so you will know exactly what happened?  Or are you someone who would rather just not know.  Kind of pretend it hasn’t happened and hope you won’t be affected by it.

The video below is a great explanation of what happened and how it might impact you.  I selected it because it’s an interview and appears to be factual and not hyped like some of the news reports seem to be.  I thought it was important to share it here.

In 2003 I enrolled in Identity Theft Shield.  This is the service that I now offer to others and it is quite different than other services on the market.  Before I had this service, I felt the way you may be feeling right now, if you don’t have this service in place.

Years ago, when we first started hearing about identity theft, I remember reading some information about what precautions to take to protect yourself from it happening to you and what you could do if it did happen.

I remember being so intimidated by it all I just wanted to bury my head and forget about it.  Didn’t mean I wasn’t concerned but it was just too overwhelming.

With Identity Theft Shield, I now hear about this type of information and know I don’t have to be concerned.  If I am affected by this or any identity theft issue, I call the 800# to Kroll and they will assign me a licensed investigator to work on it, by way of the limited power of attorney I will sign.  These investigators know how to put someone’s life back together after the horrors of identity theft.

Want more information on how you can have the same peace of mind?  Check out this site.


Ordinary People…Extraordinary Things

This is an interesting video about a number of people whose names you will recognize.  Some from many years ago and some are current.  Thought this was worth the view.  Perhaps a young person in your life would benefit from viewing it as well.

This is an educational video produced for Farmers Insurance.

Who do you know whom you would consider an ordinary person who is doing extraordinary work?  Who do you know whom you think is possible of extraordinary work and they haven’t figured it out…yet?

Ford Sync

Are you familiar with a piece of technology called Sync, which can be found in the Ford line of vehicles?  Created by Microsoft a few years back, it’s really quite interesting and useful.  And most important, is a great safety feature.

You might want to check this out.  I’ve had this in my vehicle for more than two years and am looking forward to getting another vehicle with the updated technology, which keeps getting better and better.

Interesting Concept

Recently this website and concept came across my radar and I decided to repost my posts from a couple years ago.

What I have learned is that there is a site called and part of it is the ‘Pass It On’ billboards we’ve all seen on the highways.


Some readers may remember this from early March. For those who missed it I thought it was worth re-posting.

Recently I came across this video and thought it was worth sharing. I’ve seen this father and son on bill boards around our area and wondered who they were. Now I know. Maybe some of you already knew. Quite amazing! This dad is in fantastic shape because of his dedication. What a success after sixty both as a father and a person!

Who do you know who has had success in unique ways?  What is your definition of success?


Have you checked out this site?  Pretty amazing!

Life-Saving Information

This video on Continuous Chest Compression CPR, has been posted here before, but I came across it again recently, and felt it was worth a re-post.  This is significantly important life-saving information.

Watch this six minute video/report and I’m sure you will be glad you did.

I’m really intrigued with the simplicity of this procedure, since I never took CPR training and this doesn’t require certification.

Pass this along to everyone you know as well.  Sixty something or not, lots of people will find this helpful.  Thanks.

New Rules of Golf

USGA Rules of Golf for 2012-2015 were released last December and I thought you might want to get up to speed on the various nuances of the rules of play.

This is something that is done every four years.  The difference this year is that the USGA and the R & A (as in The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in Scotland) have joined together to create one universal set of rules.  Our world is becoming so connected that you know, if you watch the PGA events on the weekends, there are professional golfers playing from all parts of the globe.

Most of us will use this information only to be knowledgeable about what is going on when we view a PGA or USGA (i.e. The US Open) event.  All of us will need to abide by these rules in any tournament we might enter.  And some may be using these rules when they have a game with their ‘buds’ and are playing for something other than a handshake…

So pay attention here, as this may be very useful for you at a time when you might least expect it.

How about you?  Do you adhered to the rules of golf when you play?

Test question for you all…  How many mulligans are you allowed on each round of 18 holes?  Why don’t you check the rules to find out…  Oh, perhaps that won’t even be in the rules book, since there are NO mulligans allowed on any round of golf!

Golf Anyone?

While checking out YouTube for golf themes, I came across this video.  Wow!  How fun that must have been for the people shopping that day in the PGA store in Scottsdale.

TaylorMade Golf, with the help of 2012 Sony Open Champion Johnson Wagner and PGA Star Pat Perez, surprised customers at the PGA TOUR Superstore in Scottsdale on 2.3.12 – the day TaylorMade 2012 products hit retail. Fans were challenged to test their “RocketBallz Factor” to find how much distance they gained with an RBZ 3-wood over last year’s model. Customers also participated in an R11S long drive contest and more.

Wonder if they’ll come to Michigan for this gig?

What driver do you prefer?  Would the results apparently illustrated here get you to buy this club?

7 Steps–Maximum Success

7 Steps to Achieve Maximum Success–Part 1–Creating Specific Goals and Right Beliefs, by John Assaraf.

I find John Assaraf’s work fascinating.  He’s researched and learned from some of the greatest minds in the world about the brain and how it works.

This is an interesting video about goal achieving.  Pay attention to the words he uses as they’re powerful.

I’ve watched and paid attention to John Assaraf’s work for about six years or more and find it more and more interesting.  Of course in the field of brain research, there are new discoveries about it all every year.

What are  your thoughts on all of this?