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Tuesday is the day we write about success after sixty.  Today, this post is about Joe Paterno.  I’m sure you are aware of who he is, but if not, Coach Joe Paterno was the head coach of the Penn State University football team.

Anyway you slice it, the story has a sad ending.  This man was a legend as a football coach.  There’s no doubt that he was respected in many aspects for his coaching ability.

Then the ugly story emerged last fall, 2011, about allegations that involved one of Paterno’s main coaches as well as Paterno for his part in a kind of ‘cover-up’ of the incident.

Perhaps you are wondering why I would even write about this man, since this blog is not about controversial issues.  The reason is that Joe Paterno was a success after sixty and for many years after sixty, as a football coach.  Believe me when I say, I’m not minimizing the responsibility he had about reporting what he knew.  One audio interview I heard from the fall, indicated he had.

We will never know the extent of his involvement.  We only know it was a mess when it all came out!  He had had a successful career and then it all went bad, really bad.  No wonder he became ill.  I have always believed in a connection of this sort of thing.  How could he go on with the scar of all of these things surrounding him.

Here is an article that tells the details of his story.

What are your thoughts about this?