Harry’s Rules

Over the past year, I’ve written about Younger Next Year and Younger Next Year For Women by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge, MD.  I am almost finished reading the ‘women’s version’ for the second time.

Contained in the book are Harry’s Rules, which are seven simplistic statements by which to live in the last third of our lives.

His last two rules I’ve paraphrased below.

Care:   Be interested enough to get up every day and give it a shot… do new stuff, do old stuff… keep on going when you wouldn’t mind sitting down for a while.  Care enough about exercise and nutrition so that you have a decent body and a good attitude going into the next third.  That’s important.  But that’s only part of it.  With exercise you have given yourself a fine way to get around.  Now you must get out and about.  Once you’ve taken charge of your body, now take charge of your life.  We can’t just be dormant and sit around.  And when you think to yourself, who cares?  Who cares if I get up and exercise today?  Or eat a vast tub of popcorn?  Or work on that project I’ve been so excited about?  Really, who cares?  The answer better be ‘I care!’.  Or you’re done!

Connect and Commit:  Rededicate yourself to family, friends and companions.  Get involved in groups and do communal things, whether work or play.  If we don’t exercise our social skills, if we let ourselves become cut off and increasingly solitary as we age, we will become ill and die — according to Dr. Lodge.  Hundreds of studies have demonstrated this point.  Caring at every level is one of the most important things you can do in the next third of your life.

These books have powerful messages for us all.  Perhaps you will get one or both of them and share your thoughts with me.

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