Daily Archives: January 20, 2012

Just One Stroke

If you know anything about golf, you are aware that just one stroke can make a huge difference in the outcome of a tournament.  Whether it’s a PGA event or not.  One stroke in golf is everything.

Recently I was watching a program about the most recent PGA Tour National Qualifying Tournament (Q School) this past November/December. ( This site about the 2010 Q School gives you information about the specifics of Q School.  It is the most recent information I could locate.)  By the way, if you’re interested, check out who attends Q School each year.  You might be surprised to see some familiar names.  These guys must qualify every year to keep their PGA card, meaning, earn a certain amount of money during the season. And if not…off to Q School they go!

What was portrayed in this show, as they followed some rookies and some more experienced golfers, is that the competition to make it into the PGA and compete in the tournaments we watch during the season, is incredible.  We’re watching the best of the best and amazingly, somehow, as we watch these tournaments week after week, it can seem like some of these guys aren’t very good.  Wrong!

What struck me as I was watching this show, was how unique this annual ritual is.  Just one stroke can mean the difference between getting the coveted PGA Card or missing it and playing on the Nationwide Tour–not bad, but not as good!  Or what about missing out on either one.  Just one stroke makes a huge difference here, just as it does on a Sunday afternoon during PGA season, watching the leader board and realizing that just one stroke can mean the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the player’s paycheck that week!

You may be thinking that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for a professional golfer is huge.  True.  However, how many professional golfers are making the big bucks?  Few.  There are tons of professional golfers who are barely making enough to stay in this profession.  And in case you are unclear as to what qualifies one as a professional golfer?  Simply, if you play for money.

Think about all the various ways to earn a living, different types of careers people have.  How many involve having to prove themselves against a field of others who are the top in their field.  How many could handle the tension if they had to compete like this?

What are your thoughts on this?  Any empathy for these guys going through this agony to play in their chosen profession?  Would enjoy hearing your thoughts.