Success After Sixty

On Tuesdays, I like to write about someone who has been successful after the age of sixty, or some facet of success after sixty.  Today I thought we might just throw out some concepts regarding exactly what success is.

Would you agree that when you hear the term, success, you think of a particular definition of the word.  You know, what meaning the word has for you.  What have you been brought up to think of for that word, or with what do you associate now with that word?  It may be a specific, narrow concept.

Perhaps success means to you, someone who is successful in business.  Perhaps it means success in some chosen career, athletic sport on a professional level, a celebrity of some type.  Whatever it means, the concept is pretty well ingrained in your mind.

Whatever the definition is, let’s broaden it.  Let’s say, at our demographic, over the age of 60, we can have success, even if we never thought of ourselves as having success.

Are you working at a job or new venture and having success mastering the way to do it to achieve what you want to achieve?  Are you a grandparent who is now spending much time with a grandchild or grandchildren and loving the feeling of success at being a grandparent?  Are you learning a new game and having a feeling of success in conquering it, like Bridge, Euchre, Mah Jongg, or whatever?  Are you learning some new gourmet cooking skills and having success?

We’d love to hear about your success after sixty.  I believe there are some pretty unique stories out there.  What’s yours?


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