Daily Archives: January 16, 2012

What Are You Eating?

Over the years of our lives, haven’t we all heard that we need to eat well?  We’ve all heard about the food pyramid suggested by our FDA.  Well, actually, the food pyramid suggested by our all-knowing Food and Drug Administration has dramatically changed, even in the last twenty years.  So, what’s that about?

What are you eating?  Are you eating well?  Are  you wondering what eating well means?

If so, I would ask you, what are you paying attention to?  What are you reading and what are you watching?  If you are paying any attention at all to anything except television commercials, you would know some basics about how to eat.

In the late 70’s I met a friend who set me on a path to eating with as few preservatives as possible.  I learned what to look for as I read labels.  I made a concerted effort to not buy anything with ingredients containing three or more syllables.

So, many years later, I realize what a serendipitous meeting that was.  I started on a path of ‘all-natural’, which at the time was the new term.  I embarked on a mission to create only healthy meals, no processed foods, no box-mixes, no products with preservatives.  And as the years have progressed, I’ve pretty much stayed with that as the way I buy food when I shop.  It has served me well.

Over the past few years, I’ve known people representing a company who have a machine that measures how healthy you are.  I will use that term, for lack of the real, official description of how this machine works and what it measures.  Originally in 2005 and then again in the fall of 2011, my levels were measured on this machine.  Without really understanding it, I measured off the chartsGood, off the charts!  I’m not sure of the first time results, but this time, I was way above the ‘wow’ level.  I was asked what I’m eating to create such a great result.

What are you eating?  I often write about the Slight Edge concept, and actually, wouldn’t you agree that what we choose to eat is all about slight edge and what kind of results we see down the road?  If you are reading this and having an ‘ahaa’ moment, please know that we can start at any time to eat well…  Just do it! (As Nike would advocate!)