More Slight Edge Philosophy…

This a post I created a while ago and thought it was worth re-posting.  Interesting concepts and worth thinking about on many levels.


Our friend, Jeff Olson, has come out with a new edition of The Slight Edge.  It has a new cover design and indicates it is a revised edition.  I have decided to read it cover to cover to see how it is revised.

When the first edition came out, I read it, of course.  Then a year ago or so, I read it again.  If you are in the habit of reading great books like this, I believe you would understand that I picked up new information just by reading the book again.

Perhaps if it has happened to you, you are aware that we are not the same person today as we were at any given time in the past.  Reading personal development type books must have some kind of positive effect on us.  And each step of the way, we will understand something according to who we are at the time.

The slight edge philosophy is so simplistic and so basic.  That’s the irony of it all.  Whether or not people have ever heard the phrase or have ever heard of the book, it doesn’t matter.  The slight edge is always working.  It’s up to us as to whether it is working for or against us.

The slight edge is made up of simple things we do every day.  According to Jeff Olson, it’s the things you do every day, the things that don’t look like they matter.  But they do matter.  They not only make a difference, they make all the difference.  How do you eat?  What are you learning?  How do you handle your relationships?  How about your finances?

Think of all the ways the slight edge can be applied in our lives:  health, weight, education, relationships, finances, and many, many more.

That being said, how has the slight edge worked in your life?  Has it worked for you or against you?


What are your thoughts on this?  Would love to hear from you.

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