Daily Archives: January 10, 2012

Prone To Hype?

Don’t we all consider ourselves not prone to hype?  Wouldn’t you say that you are beyond susceptible to seductive advertisements that run at this time of year…i.e. weight-loss programs; work-out programs; blue smoke and mirrors programs… oh, I just threw in the last one to see if you related to this…

Probably most of us would agree that at this time of year, we will receive emails, probably lots of offers, for programs to help us with a myriad of things we are perceived to be looking for.  Like weight loss, establishing and reaching our goals in all areas of our life, helping us invest, saving for our future, learning what we need to learn to create the life of our dreams.  And the list seems endless.

Haven’t you been prone to hype, when someone sends you an invitation to take a look at something that will solve your challenge or problem in some area you feel you may need help with?

At this point in our life, we should admit that ‘we’ve probably seen it all’… or at least ‘we’ve seen a lot’!  Now, through social media and email campaigns; years back it was through television ads.

Are you prone to the hype of what we need at this time of year?  You know…  It’s early January and it’s time to refocus on weight-loss, going to the gym, getting into a regular exercise program, or something, on a regular basis.

I should know there is no easy, silver-bullet type of way to loose weight, without some (perhaps much) effort on your part.  And recently there was something that pushed a ‘hot’ button with both my husband and me and we enrolled in an inexpensive program online.  However, after we checked further, it seems that we are not totally sure about the viability of this for each of us.  Maybe we were prone to the hype and got caught up in all of what’s out there at this time of year.  I guess only time will tell.

What about you?  What have you enrolled for and how has it worked for you?