Daily Archives: January 5, 2012

What’s Your Word?

Last year I learned about the Word of the Year from a friend of mine, Sheryl, who directed me to this site by Christine Kane.

Actually, selecting a Word of the Year for yourself could be a bit of adventure and interesting to see what happens.  When you link to this site it will ask for your email and then you can get the download of the information about it.

Christine Kane is someone whose information I receive by being on her email list.  I first became aware of her when I Googled information a number of years ago, for a presentation I was doing about how to do a vision board.  So, you too will learn about Christine Kane by Googling her.  I believe she is a business coach of sorts and has quite an online presence with her material.

Now back to the ‘Word of the Year‘.  When I learned about this concept last year, after careful consideration, I chose the word, ‘release‘.  For my particular reasons, this is the word I chose.  I filled out the worksheets in her packet from the link above, and it was amazing.

After working on this for the first few days of 2011, I created a folder and then, off went the material into the never-never land of my various filing cabinets!  Well, in October, something reminded me of this concept and I found the file I’d created about ten months prior…

Unbelievable!  I realized that I had selected the perfect word for me in 2011.  So many things I did, accomplished, or things that came my way, indicated that I had been releasing stuff all year.  How very interesting!

This year I have chosen my word, again for my personal reasons, which is key to all of this…  My word is ‘believe’.  I have various reasons for deciding on this word and will do the worksheets within a few days to solidify my decision.  More later….

So, what about you?  Would you like to select a ‘Word of the Year’?  If so, just read up about it and see if it fits with your life and what you feel is important to you.

Meanwhile, I’d love to hear from you about it.  Thanks for sharing with us.