Daily Archives: January 2, 2012

Do You Set Goals Or Resolutions?

You could interpret the title of this blog to mean either/or–goals or resolutions for the new year.  Or you could interpret it to mean any kind of goals or resolutions at all.

Recently I sat down to create my goals for 2012.  Personally, I set goals not resolutions.  It seems like ‘New Year’s resolutions’ are things people think about now and forget about by the end of January.

While Googling the topic of 2012 Goals, I came across this interesting site that I wanted to share.  One of the bloggers, ‘pinkytoe’, had a comment that fits in here.  She gives a kind of formula to what to contemplate when you sit down to create your goals for the year.  She recommends sitting quietly to create your list.  I thought it was worth noting here:

How have I spent my time in the last year?
What has inspired me this past year?
What are the results of the actions that I HAVE taken?
What blessings have I received?
What were my disappointments and how did they change me? Ditto with accomplishments and joys.
What books have I read and how have they changed me?
What conditional patterns have I recognized and what allowed me to see them more clearly?
Looking back can help with future goals I am hoping.

In an article from the Detroit Free Press on January 1st on goal-setting, Steve Siebold has this quote about going after your goals:  ‘Starve your fear, feed your vision’.  This was in context of how people sometimes hesitate to set big goals.  Fear is a common element here.  So, when he indicates we need to starve the fear, what a great visual.  Of course, I prefer the positive–feed your vision!  Wow!  Powerful!

So what about you?  Have you set goals for 2012?  And remember, goals are categorized.  They can be financial, health, family, physical-fitness, etc.

Anything you wish to share with us about your goals?