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Great Role Model

Chris Crowley is a great role model…  I believe.  Perhaps you will find this true as well as you watch this video.  I have posted this previously, but felt it was worth re-posting.

Recently I have talked about Younger Next Year, by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, M.D.

This video of Chris Crowley, who is about 75 today, is perfect for us to view.  He speaks here of transitioning into retirement.  Talk about success after sixty!

Watch this and let me know if you resonate with it.  It’s a little longer than the 3 minute limit I normally like, but it’s worth your time.  He talks about stuff that may resonate with you.

So let us know how you feel about this stuff and if you are inclined to take his advice or perhaps if you already are doing these things.

Would love to hear from you.

Care, Commit, Connect

Recently I wrote about two of Harry’s Rules, from Younger Next Year and Younger Next Year for Women, by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge, MD.  Care and Commit & Connect.

This video captures the essence of these concepts.  This video is actually under three minutes and towards the end, it mentions the benefits to the individuals of volunteering, which is caring, committing and connecting wrapped into one neat package.

What do you think of this concept?  Is volunteering on your calendar on a regular basis?  We’d enjoy hearing about it and how it benefits you.

P.S.  Oops!!!  I’ve broken my own self-imposed rule here by showing a video with the ‘S_____’ word all through it.  However, I have not written it here.  I feel the benefits of posting this out-weigh the negatives of you seeing the ‘S’ word.

Perhaps you know someone you want to pass this along to.  Feel free to do so.

Customers’ Choice Awards For 2011

Are you aware of something called the Customers’ Choice Awards?  Until recently, I was not.  This is something I stumbled upon and thought it would be interesting, if even just a bit.  (NRF is the National Retail Federation and here is a link to the blog with this announcement.)

I found this list fascinating and some listed were kind of a surprise to me.  I’ve had excellent experiences with Nordstrom, L. L. Bean, Lands End and Amazon.  Quite frankly, I’m not sure which I would say was the very best.

What would be your first choice.  This survey was done with no prompting on the part of the survey.


Everything Happens For A Reason

We’ve probably all heard or said this phrase many times, “Everything happens for a reason”.  Personally, I have believed, thought and said these very words for many years, probably because I’ve lived the truth in this statement.

Can’t we all look back and remember some incident where you had something traumatic happen, or maybe just awful, and you felt like you would never recover from that event?  Never be the same and be able to move on and laugh again.

This piece is written quite well and is worth the read, perhaps even a second time.  However, for my ear, the music is a bit repetitive and redundant.  My suggestion is to move beyond that because this video is quite powerful.

What are your thoughts about all of this?  I’d really enjoy hearing from you.

Finis SwiMP3

Have you heard of the Finis SwiMP3 yet?  We hadn’t until my husband’s daughters gave him one for Christmas,  since he swims laps five days a week.

It’s quite fascinating.  Watch this video and you may want to invest in one as well.

Recently the local son-in-law stopped by and gave Jim some technical assistance and assurance about how it works, etc.  He also mentioned this YouTube video.

Actually, wouldn’t you agree that it seems like a counter-intuitive device, since we’ve been educated to NOT get out tech toys wet.  Not this!

Let me know if you have heard of this or maybe if you are already using it.  Apparently it’s been out for a while.


Tuesday is the day we write about success after sixty.  Today, this post is about Joe Paterno.  I’m sure you are aware of who he is, but if not, Coach Joe Paterno was the head coach of the Penn State University football team.

Anyway you slice it, the story has a sad ending.  This man was a legend as a football coach.  There’s no doubt that he was respected in many aspects for his coaching ability.

Then the ugly story emerged last fall, 2011, about allegations that involved one of Paterno’s main coaches as well as Paterno for his part in a kind of ‘cover-up’ of the incident.

Perhaps you are wondering why I would even write about this man, since this blog is not about controversial issues.  The reason is that Joe Paterno was a success after sixty and for many years after sixty, as a football coach.  Believe me when I say, I’m not minimizing the responsibility he had about reporting what he knew.  One audio interview I heard from the fall, indicated he had.

We will never know the extent of his involvement.  We only know it was a mess when it all came out!  He had had a successful career and then it all went bad, really bad.  No wonder he became ill.  I have always believed in a connection of this sort of thing.  How could he go on with the scar of all of these things surrounding him.

Here is an article that tells the details of his story.

What are your thoughts about this?

Harry’s Rules

Over the past year, I’ve written about Younger Next Year and Younger Next Year For Women by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge, MD.  I am almost finished reading the ‘women’s version’ for the second time.

Contained in the book are Harry’s Rules, which are seven simplistic statements by which to live in the last third of our lives.

His last two rules I’ve paraphrased below.

Care:   Be interested enough to get up every day and give it a shot… do new stuff, do old stuff… keep on going when you wouldn’t mind sitting down for a while.  Care enough about exercise and nutrition so that you have a decent body and a good attitude going into the next third.  That’s important.  But that’s only part of it.  With exercise you have given yourself a fine way to get around.  Now you must get out and about.  Once you’ve taken charge of your body, now take charge of your life.  We can’t just be dormant and sit around.  And when you think to yourself, who cares?  Who cares if I get up and exercise today?  Or eat a vast tub of popcorn?  Or work on that project I’ve been so excited about?  Really, who cares?  The answer better be ‘I care!’.  Or you’re done!

Connect and Commit:  Rededicate yourself to family, friends and companions.  Get involved in groups and do communal things, whether work or play.  If we don’t exercise our social skills, if we let ourselves become cut off and increasingly solitary as we age, we will become ill and die — according to Dr. Lodge.  Hundreds of studies have demonstrated this point.  Caring at every level is one of the most important things you can do in the next third of your life.

These books have powerful messages for us all.  Perhaps you will get one or both of them and share your thoughts with me.

Is Facebook A Favorite Weekend Activity?

What’s your favorite weekend activity?  Is it getting caught up on Facebook?  Or maybe you have a few faves.

Life is so crazy-busy with most people I talk to we are all inundated with tons of information coming at us through this wonderful, amazing thing called the Internet.  How do you spend your weekend?  More Internet or less?

Perhaps your weekday routine is filled with work of some kind or perhaps some other activities that don’t allow much time for checking out social media for the fun of it!  Do you check in on Facebook more on a weekend than you do during the week?

This weekend for me, was one that I had no definite plan for Saturday.  I did get a few productive things done that were left over from the week’s ‘must dos’…

Then I got sucked into checking the News Feed on my Facebook site.  Oh my goodness!  Why is it that the clock seems to move in double speed when I do that!  Have you noticed that?  Maybe that’s why I spend so little time on Facebook.  I think of it as a ‘time-sucker’.

Now, I like many things about Facebook as I believe most of us do.  I guess we just need to decide how we use this tool and how much time we allot to it.

What I enjoy the most about Facebook is catching comments made by my family and close friends and acquaintances.  To me that is the real essence of this site.  Interesting to note, that the more ‘friends’ we accumulate, the more posts we will scroll through in our News Feed.  Hmmm!  Just realized that.  And many of these people I really don’t know, if you know what I mean.  And I believe everyone does.

So what are your favorite weekend activities?  Anything else besides getting caught up on Facebook?