Daily Archives: December 29, 2011


A number of years ago I’d read an in-depth explanation of the concept of forgiveness.  In this part of the book the author explained why it is in our best interests to forgive someone whom we feel has wronged us.

A few years later, I experienced a major emotional assault in the workplace, by a boss/friend and I was totally taken aback!  The event caused me to leave where I was working at the time.  After about six months of being totally absorbed and devastated by how she had hurt me, something triggered my memory of what I’d read about forgiveness.

As I processed all aspects of the event and fit the pieces together, relative to what I’d read about the importance of forgiveness, I experienced something fascinating.  I decided that I needed to forgive her.  In a few short moments I was overtaken by a feeling of calmness.  I still remember this experience today and how wonderful it felt to have the weight lifted from my being.  All the negative feelings I’d been experiencing for about six months or so, just left me.  Gone!

Recently something triggered the memory of all of this.  It is something I’ve not thought of in quite a while.  That experience was extremely powerful.  Amazingly, about a couple years later I encountered this person in my new workplace… my space.  And, amazingly enough, I realized I felt o.k. about it all.  I realized that what I’d learned a couple years earlier was still with me.  I had no ill-feelings for this woman.  Amazing!

Actually part of what I’d read about the benefits of forgiveness, included another concept.  The concept that people appear in our lives in certain roles for a reason.  Perhaps the person who comes into our life and has a huge traumatic impact on us, is there to help us learn a concept, like maybe forgiveness.

That may or may not resonate with you, but it has had an impact on my life.  That concept has helped me look at various people and situations differently than I might have in the past.  I do believe we encounter people and situations in our life that are the instruments by which we learn a life lesson.  Challenge:  take a deep breath and figure out the lesson in each challenging situation.

What are your thoughts and/or experiences with this type of thing?  I’d love to get your responses.