Chevy–100 Years Old

Now I’d say this is definitely success after sixty… Chevy–100 years old.

We’re in Michigan, home of Motown.  Cars mean a lot to most people here.  That’s why Michigan doesn’t have toll roads and the metro Detroit area doesn’t have mass-transit.

Lots of talk about the car industry.  And ironically, since I was quite young, even though Motown is not my hometown, I have always paid attention to cars.  When I was eleven years old, I could name and identify pretty much all the American cars–makes and models.  And I was pretty good at determining what model year a car was as well.

By the late 70s, when the Japanese cars became popular, and throughout the next fifteen to twenty years with added makes and models, I kind of lost that ability.  Now of course, the brands are recognizable pretty much by their respective distinctive logos, even if the name is not prominent.  I’m better than lots of people at this awareness and perhaps that’s why when I can’t identify a vehicle, it’s a surprise to me.

I’d seen this ad on television a while back and now I’ve found it in YouTube.  It’s a true story and because of this thought it would be fun to post here.

I’m not advocating you purchase a Chevy, just thought this was a great video piece.  For the full story, click here.

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