Daily Archives: December 19, 2011

The Agony Of Aging? The Joys Of Aging?

Recently I was Googling things related to aging for this post.  I’ve come across some interesting websites with some interesting blogs on various aspects of all of this.

Hmmm… It’s fascinating how one topic can have so many opposing concepts and ideas about it.

The Agony of Aging, came from a blog post by that name on this website.  This was written by Karim Jessa.  Ironically, on the same day he wrote The Agony of Aging (actually under the category of Humor), he wrote a post titled The Joys of Aging (under the category of Satire).

Aging is an interesting phenomenon, as it is common for everyone.  No one who lives a long life will escape it.  And yet, does it not seem to have a somewhat negative connotation in our society?

Think about all the things people say as we age.  ‘You look great for your age!’  We know we’re aging when we hear that one.  No one would ever say that to a thirty-something!

Recently I read somewhere a quote that sums it up nicely:  Today we are the oldest we have ever been, but the youngest we will ever be.  Life is exciting and it is ever changing.  Nothing stays the same, not anything about each person as well.  Not our looks, not our body, nothing.

All we have is today to live and enjoy, for everything it offers.  Today we are who we are and we will enjoy everything about it.

What are your thoughts and feelings about all of this?  Aging–joy or agony?