Where Are You Now?

This blog was written and posted over eighteen months ago.  I thought you might find it relevant to what might be going on for you today.  Would enjoy your feedback on it.


Where are you in your life?  Is it where you want to be?  Is it where you thought you’d be at this point?

Have you ever wondered where all the time went?  How have all these days, weeks, months and years gone so quickly.  Recently I was remembering a business scenario from last year.  It seemed like it was a month or two ago, but then I realized it was last August.  How have nine months gone by when it doesn’t seem possible?

Are you still creating goals and benchmarks for what you want to do and where you want to go and what you want to become?  Hopefully you are.  Even if you have everything you want and need, I believe it is healthy for us to continue to strive to create more and grow more.

On a CD series I have from Bob Proctor, I heard him describe this concept relative to how an oak tree continues to grow.  “Does an oak tree decide that it’s grown enough?”

To continue in life and be productive is the most important thing.  How many of us have watched people we know who seem to just stop striving?  And what happens next?  They seem to stop thriving.

On a CD series I have heard by Jim Rohn, he said, “Just do it all, attend all the events that you can, talk to all the friends you can, go to all the places you can and keep becoming the person you can.”

I think there’s something to these nuggets of advice from two of the most prolific personal development authors I’ve known of.  Too bad Jim Rohn passed away last year, but what gems he left as his legacy.  If you want to know more about Jim Rohn, there is a direct link to his website on the lower right of this page.


Jim Rohn passed away two years ago this December.  We still miss him and his profound wisdom.

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