Daily Archives: December 12, 2011

How Are You Creative?

Here is a thought-provoking post by Margaret Gust.  I believe you will find it as interesting as I have.


Years ago I was talking with my brother’s daughter at their kitchen table, just regular aunt-niece chitchat.  I mentioned how talented and creative I thought she was and immediately she replied, “My brother is the talented one.  Everyone says he’s a great drummer and his band gets gigs every Saturday night.”  Undeterred, I replied that her ability to dress beautifully, accessorize herself as well as any space she found herself in, and style hair were wonderful talents.  I admire good hairstylists and think their skills are true art, considering they take a head of hair in multiple different lengths, visualize how to flatter your face, and then cut those hairs into a crowning glory.  I’ve had plenty of bad haircuts in my day, so I appreciate a good one.

How many of us think “art, music, or writing” when we hear the words talent or creativity?  According to the dictionary, creativity is having the power or ability to create things, characterized by expressiveness, imaginative.  When I Googled “creativity in senior citizens,” a host of sites appeared; those I opened urged “Take an art class, go visit a museum.”   I can barely draw a straight line and I have already visited the museums, thanks.  I like to write, so I suppose that is one outlet for my creativity.  But, there is so much to creativity.   Basically, I think it is just looking at your life, seeing what could be better and finding ways to create that change.

At 60 something, we have looked back at what we have already created in our lives, whether it was a marriage, family, career, or other, and assess where to put our present energies.  For some, taking the time to do art, music, writing is just the thing.  But, creativity also involves: Shaping a new life perhaps on a static income, trying new food and new activities, learning to swim, aquacise, meditation, yoga, Pilates, tai chi, jump roping, learning 50 different ways to catch a mackerel, ecotourism, learning to make your own pasta noodles, building a patio, growing houseplants or the greatest tomato in your neighborhood, training for a 5k or Senior Olympics.  Creativity also involves our relationships with others.  Perhaps we need to create more friends in our lives, or become the kind of grandparent that our grandkids deserve so we learn to be a better storyteller, a better, nonjudgmental listener who accepts the differences in our generations and can marvel at the skill set of the “millennial generation.”  In turn, they might teach you how to program your DVD recorder.

Yes, how are you creative?  So many ways to fit that word.  What’s yours?