Daily Archives: December 7, 2011

The World Of Social Media 2011

The video below, titled The World of Social Media 2011, is obviously a summary of social media statistics.  Thank you VideoInfographs.  Because this is a YouTube video, you might imagine it will be a bit more entertaining than if I showed a spread sheet with the numbers on it.

One suggestion I would have about this is to view it a second time so you can absorb and digest the magnitude of the numbers of users on these various media sites.  Amazing!

The demographics are of note as well.  Our group uses Facebook so much more than LinkedIn.  Of course that makes sense since Facebook is much more of a social site, while LinkedIn is for business use.

By the way, for the record, I still don’t ‘get’ Twitter.  Is it because I have more to say than the few characters they allow?  Perhaps!  Not sure!  Guess I never figured out how to have time to ‘tweet’ constantly.  What am I missing here?

What social media sites are you using and enjoying?