Daily Archives: December 6, 2011

Heard Of Lumosity Yet?

Have you heard of Lumosity yet?  Recently I came across this site and I feel everyone should know about it.

Lumosity is all about training your brain, keeping it sharp, improving your brain with scientific brain games.  Here are some of the things it claims it will do:

Improve your memory and attention

Improve your problem-solving ability

Enhance your memory recall as well as encoding

Help you think faster

Are you thinking, ‘Why do I want to put my brain through all of this‘?  Well, if you are, perhaps you want to think again.

There has been much publicized about the benefits of exercising our brains, relative to quality of life for the duration of years we will be here.  I would suspect that anyone who has a loved one (either currently or who may no longer be alive)  who has suffered the effects of an improperly working brain, would agree that exercising our brain is worth the effort.

I personally spent some time exploring this site as I was totally fascinated that such a site existed.  I plunged right in and took them up on their offer about getting started.  I wasn’t sure about the cost.  There is no mention of anything until you get to a certain point and then they let you know, after you have created an account, that you get a complimentary three days.

I have gone through the first exercise and will receive an email tomorrow and the next day with my second and third day of free trial.  The cost is either $15/month with no commitment or $6.70/month billed on the basis of one year’s commitment.  There are other pricings as well, including a ‘lifetime’ membership for a few hundred dollars.  I have not yet made the commitment to pay, but believe I will opt in at some level.  Too intriguing not to!

I would encourage you to check this out, as it could be helpful for you or a loved-one.  There are a number of testimonies of people who have used it as well as those who purchased it for a loved-one.

It appears that this site if for any age group.  When I first came upon it I thought in terms of our demographic.  However in continuing to look through the site, it is for all ages.  For young people, they are ahead of the game when they exercise their brains.  For our group, it is much more serious since we want to stay mentally sharp for the rest of our life.

What are your thoughts here?  Have you checked it out?