Do you operate with integrity?  Interesting question isn’t it.

The irony of this question is that perhaps everyone believes they operate with integrity.  I believe they do.  After all, wouldn’t you agree it’s like the expression about ‘beauty’ being in the eye of the beholder.

Can there be a definition of integrity into which each person couldn’t see themselves fitting?  Let’s face it.  I don’t believe anyone would say they don’t operate with integrity or they don’t have integrity.

Now, have you ever had dealings with an individual that you feel operated in a way that clearly indicated they lack integrity?  Not a pleasant experience.

Recently I’ve had business dealings with someone who clearly lacked what I would consider good moral fiber and any inkling of integrity. Actually I experienced a temporary negative feeling throughout my body after the interaction, which had made me realize this was not a relationship I wanted to continue.

The interesting thing I noticed in this business situation, as the discussion continued, was that this person spoke as though they were coming from a place of integrity.  Perfectly justifying their position and not understanding the issued I had with his reasoning.

Quite an experience and it takes me back to The Dale Carnegie class I had many, many years ago.  Through the course, we read the book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, in which I believe was the story of when Dale Carnegie was seated next to John Dilenger at a dinner party and listened as Mr. Dilenger justified what a great human being he was.  Now I’m paraphrasing and remembering from many years ago, but the essence is that everyone thinks they are a good person.

How do you deal with people that you feel lack integrity?  How does interacting with them make you feel?

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