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Oh That’s Social Networking?

Perhaps there are people who are confused about the terms social media, social networking, and a variety of other current terms used to basically mean communicating on the Internet.

The following post was written by Margaret Gust, our guest blogger from Florida.  Let us know if you relate to it…

I didn’t think I used social networking.  When I hear the term, I think Facebook, Twitter, My Space,, etc.   I researched the term on the Internet today and discovered that I have been social networking for years.   I was an early subscriber to, and actually found 3 people who went to Kindergarten through high school graduation with me.

Also, I have been using Instant Messenger for over 15 years in my work life.  Turns out that is a form of social networking as well, as is the online program of college courses I just completed, and the message boards on various websites that I have been visiting for years.  Turns out I am rather a network social butterfly!

Even the government is using the social networking phenomenon to reach the public.  NASA has been using social networking for the past several years to reach Generation Y (born 1980s on).  The Centers for Disease Control uses social networking rather extensively and have even used, a children’s site, to illustrate to children the importance of vaccinations.  Several US government agencies have used Facebook (and Twitter) to recruit and post job listings.

How are you using social media?

What Is Your Success?

Originally posted last February, I thought this was worth the re-post…


What success are you having after turning sixty, if you have turned sixty yet?

Have you had success of a new kind for you?  Meaning, have you learned something new recently?  Maybe using Facebook, or even using an email system.

Maybe your success was in learning a new game that boggles your brain.  Have you ever tried Bridge?  Mah Jongg?  Or another game that takes more than a few minutes to learn?

Have you successfully gotten a new business started?  Have you gotten a new client to sign a great contract, creating a win-win?  Have you had recent success closing a big sale?

There are many types of success and over the age of sixty there are still many types of success out there for us.

Perhaps you are starting a new exercise program.  How is that going?  Enjoying it…yet?

My belief is that we all need to feel success in our lives.  And it doesn’t have to be a big thing.  It could be a minor thing in the big picture of your entire life.  But the fact that you felt success at the achievement, is a big deal.  After all, life is all about ‘baby-steps’ and seeing them multiply over the years.

So, I am really asking you to share:  What is your success after sixty?

Do You Know About Cytokines?

Here’s why exercise is so very important…

Cytokines–What do you know about them?  They are messenger molecules.  Hundreds and thousands of cytokines are at work in your body, regulating growth and decay to the most microscopic level.  Dr. Lodge, co-author of Younger Next Year for Women and Younger Next Year, simplifies the explanation in the following way:

Imagine there are two master chemicals that control decay or growth in every tissue and cell in your body–cytokine-6 and cytokine-10 (C-6 and C-10).

C-6 is the master chemical for inflammation (decay) and C-10 is the master chemical for repair and growth.  C-6 is produced in muscle cells and bloodstream in response to exercise and C-10 is produced in response to C-6.  This is the body’s brilliant mechanism for coupling decay and growth.  C-6 actually triggers the production of C-10.  Decay triggers growth.

50 percent of your lean body weight is made up of the 660 muscles in the body.  This is a huge, massive reservoir of C-6 and C-10, a massive reservoir of potential youth if you do your part.  Exercise triggers repair, renewal and growth by producing C-6.  All forms of aerobic exercise produce C-6 in logarithmic proportion to both the duration and the intensity of exercise.  This is an automatic measure of how much exercise you do, how much inflammation you cause and how much growth you will experience.  In other words, how much C-10 will be released.  C-10 is key, because growth is the magic you are after.

The right balance is:  good decay triggering growth.

One of my favorite books of all times is Younger Next Year for Women, by Chris Crowley and Dr. Henry Lodge.  You may wonder why I write about this often.  It’s because I want a great quality of life as long as I live.

Perhaps you would agree, as it almost seems dumb to disagree to that statement.  Well, how do you plan to have this great quality of life?  Personally, I’m following the advice in this book because I believe it to be sound, scientific advice about how to make sure that what goes on inside our bodies makes that happen.

By recommending this book, I gain nothing, except perhaps knowing I have shared what I consider is some great, important information that could literally save your life, or at least give you a better quality for as long as you live.

What are you doing about your C-6 and C-10 Cytokines?  I’d love to hear.

Ahhh! The Holidays Are Here…

Today we’re at the end of Thanksgiving weekend and the official beginning of the Holiday Season.  Here are some reflections from guest blogger Margaret Gust.

“A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all virtues.” (Cicero)

My favorite holiday memories involve Thanksgiving, likely because it is the one holiday that focuses on pure joy.  It is a time to dress up or dress down, whichever is your custom, make room for visiting relatives and friends, to host or be hosted for a magnificent feast where there is enough for today, tomorrow and maybe through the entire weekend.  It always seems less stressful than the other holidays, with everyone having time to chat, joke and laugh, celebrating being together.

As a kid in my hometown, Thanksgiving also meant that the Christmas parade was only 2 days away and that the official Christmas shopping season had started.  Christmas decorations would be up in stores on the day after Thanksgiving.  Christmas music could be heard on the radio and Christmas specials were popping up on television.   I have wonderful memories of those Thanksgiving weekends.

After all that relaxation, feasting, fun, plenty, and giving of thanks for having so much, our hearts and minds are ready for the giving that is Christmas.  (Maybe it’s not so natural, maybe we have been brainwashed into consumers, but that’s another blog!)   Maybe Cicero was right, being thankful does engender other virtues.  Doesn’t it seem that people are more receptive, more caring, more generous, less naughty and rude, and just plain nicer between Thanksgiving and Christmas?

How did you spend this past weekend?  Are you ready for the Holiday Season?  How have you found people to be at this time of year?

How Do You Deal With Your Garbage?

As I was checking You Tube for some amusing videos and happened to land on the page with lots of commercials, I decided to post this, as it is meaningful to me.

As an Independent Associate with LegalShield, (formerly Pre-Paid Legal), our company has hired a firm to brand us and create a real marketing and advertising campaign.  The company has been around for forty years and never advertised.  Most people had not heard of it, however the research has shown that lots of people would want the service if they knew it was available.

This short video has been out about a month or so and can be found in numerous places on the Internet.

Thought you might find it amusing as well as indicative of the mundane, trivial (at least in the big picture of life) issues our attorneys handle at no charge outside of the nominal monthly cost of having this service.  This is one of the ways our service gives us peace of mind about anything that comes our way in life.

What are you dealing with?  Is it trivial or traumatic?  LegalShield can help.  Let me know.

Official Black Friday Website

Black Friday is something I’m proud to say I’ve never participated in.  Kind of the same as how I proclaim that I don’t view reality t.v. either.

I’m not suggesting there’s anything wrong with Black Friday or people who choose to participate, but I’m just not that much of a shopper.

On the one hand, my personal philosophy has always been, ‘It’s either your time or your money’.  And on the Friday after Thanksgiving, I’d rather choose to spend my early morning hours sleeping and getting up at a reasonable hour rather than in the middle of the night to get some great deal on whatever.

But that’s just me.  Apparently Black Friday has gotten so big that they’ve created a website to make sure everyone can see all the great deals available.

Wow!  Now that is something!   Here is the link to the site.

Well, all you professional bargain hunters, have a great time!  When I get up at a reasonable hour, I may think of the thousands who chose differently and may actually be getting back to bed after a few productive hours of shopping.

Six Tips For Social Networking Safety

By now, I would imagine that most of us are using some form of social media.  Perhaps some people are somewhat skeptical about how secure their information is out there.

This article is from the Discover site:  Six Tips for Social Networking Safety, tips to help avoid identity theft when using social media.

In reading over the list, I personally found #6 interesting, since it is something to which I hadn’t given much thought.  I often do exactly what this indicates not to do.  Hmmm!  Fascinating.  And I’m aware of phishing, which is what this would be.  Interesting that it can be disguised in so many ways.

Has anyone had any issues with identity theft from using social media?  What have you experienced?

Success Comes From Passion

Here is a short part of video of Steve Jobs being interviewed about having passion for what we do.  He points out that it will be our passion for something that keeps us doing it.

Have you found something to do that keeps you passionate about doing it?  What is that?

This is the day we write about success after sixty.  Obviously, Steve Jobs didn’t live long enough to be in his sixties, but what he says here is powerful and thought-provoking.  I know I’d be writing about him is a few years, if had just survived the cancer.

Steve Jobs certainly made a huge impact in the lives of many people in the world.  What kind of impact has he made in your life?

Birthdays–How Do You Celebrate Yours?

On the day of the week that we write about honoring how great it is to be over sixty, here are some thoughts from our friend, Margaret Gust, on celebrating our birthdays.

Birthday parties for Sixty Somethings?

How do you feel about birthday parties for adults, or more specifically for yourself?   Do you like someone planning a shindig for you, or do you plan them yourself?

Personally, I prefer to spend my birthday doing what I want to do – the last thing I want on the one day of the year that is mine, is to be responsible for entertaining other people.  Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I suspect many other people feel the same way and go along with birthday bashes to please those around them. I suppose some people love the parties, as well.

Landmark birthdays, like 50, 60, 65, 70, etc., require somewhat of a fuss. But, I prefer low key celebrations for ‘regular’ birthdays. I like knowing I have that whole day to do whatever I want – call a friend or a few friends to meet for dinner, take a day trip, read a book I’ve been putting off, watch the entire second season of Mad Men, go to the beach for the day, go to a day spa, kayaking, boating, or any mix of the aforementioned.

I think allowing yourself a day to do your own thing is an excellent celebration of your birth and your life.  What better way to say thank you to life than savoring every second of the anniversary of the day when yours began? It’s a luxury many of us did not have time for in the previous decades of our adult lives.

However you celebrate, boisterously or quietly, I hope you thoroughly enjoy your birthday!

How do you prefer to celebrate your birthday!