Daily Archives: October 25, 2011

The Gift Of Old Friends

Recently I read a blog post from Vibrant Nation, a website for women over 50.  This is a site I stumbled upon well over a year ago.  It is worth the look and you can get it here.

The Gift Of Old Friends caught my eye and I read it with interest.  The premise is that our old friends are a mirror of ourselves as a younger person, before we experienced all the facets of life that we each have lived through.

What a wonderful thought.  Personally, I find this intriguing and worth taking action about.  It has made me stop to realize that I have not been diligent in keeping up with old friends.  In fact, I’ve been really lax about it.

It is so common in our country to move around geographically and create new relationships and friendships, so what a wonderful reminder about fostering the old.  I have in mind particular friends I will reconnect with more regularly.  Of course, Facebook is a wonderful tool for that, if you can’t be face to face.

I’d call this success at maintaining or reconnecting with old friends…