Daily Archives: October 24, 2011

Seven Ways To Better Brain Health

Recently I saw a post on the blog, Savoring You Sixties titled, 7 Proven Ways to keep Your Brain From Going Downhill.  Since I’m interested in this type of thing, I read the blog.  The inspiration for this came from a great article in Prevention by Elizabeth Svoboda.

There’s some great information in this.  I suggest you read the article as it’s always good to be informed about anything like this that can help us.

As I read the article, I was making a mental note of things I’m already doing and things I will consider doing.  Perhaps you will do that too as you read the article itself, or perhaps the list below.

1.  Google– Of course here it is used as a verb, not a noun.  Check out stuff that you’ve always wanted to learn about.  What do you encounter throughout your day that you wonder about?  Google it!

2.  Exercise–There are scientific reasons why this is good for your brain.  Read the article to learn about the research.  And you thought it was just to get in shape!

3.  Brush & Floss–Oral health is linked to brain health.  I’ve also learned that oral health is linked to heart health.  Wow!  And we thought this advice from our dentists was just so we’d keep our teeth!

4.  Drink Sparingly–According to the research, the more alcohol consumed, the smaller the brain volume will become.  Hmmm!  What about all the wonderful effects of having red wine?  Moderation!

5.  Eat Blueberries–The dark pigment in blueberries is linked to a sharpening of our thought process.  Interestingly, frozen blueberries have the same qualities as fresh.  Enjoy year-round.

6.  Do puzzles–Amazing research on this one.  I believe research on this item has been ongoing for a number of years, as I remember a study of nuns over the age of 100.  Have fun with this!

7.  Meditate–Research shows this will create growth in the cortex, the part of the brain that controls memory, language and sensory processing.  In this article, there’s a bit of a how-to, if you’re not familiar with the techniques.  This is one I’m going to start.  I’ve heard of many other reports and have heard from well-respected people about the benefits of this.

What are you already doing from this list?  What will you start doing as a result of what you’ve read?