Daily Archives: October 22, 2011

A Fan Of Old Movies?

Do you enjoy seeing old movies that you just loved and find yourself watching them over and over?  I believe a lot of people do.

One of our contributors here at Sixty Something Now, Margaret Gust,  writes so eloquently about why she enjoys ‘re-watching’ some favorites.  Here is what she has to say on the topic…

There are certain movies that I view repeatedly and never tire of.   Even though at the second and subsequent view I obviously know the outcome, certain movies are packed with such excellence that they not only withstand repeated viewing, but demand it.  Whether it be the photography, set design, soundtrack, lighting, dialogue, world class acting skill, plot twists, or simply a captivating story line, certain films, like a multifaceted diamond, shine from a new angle each time you enjoy them.
Ten of my never-miss-it movies are:
1.   To Kill A Mockingbird.
2.   Godfather.
3.   Godfather II.
4.   Dirty Dozen.
5.   Singing in the Rain.
6.   Good Fellas.
7.   Apollo 13.
8.   The Maltese Falcon.
9.   The Shawshank Redemption.
10.  Seven Samurai.
I hope you make time to take in one of your favorite movies soon!

How about you?  Which of these have you seen repeatedly?