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Officially Employed Again

Here is the rest of the story about one of Detroit’s original ‘car guys’…

Last year I posted a story (below) about Bob Lutz and some of the aspects of his career in the auto industry.  Well, this is certainly more success after sixty…  He’s 79 years old!  Now that’s a role model.

He’s now officially employed again.  Yup!  General Motors has now made official the work Lutz was doing anyway.  As this story explains, GM Hires ‘Car Guy’, Bob Lutz as Adviser.

Below is the post from last year.


Tuesday is the day I like to write about success after sixty.  Recently I heard a replay of a radio interview with Bob Lutz early last year about his retirement.  I was reminded of this man and his remarkable career.

Since moving to Michigan in 1981, I’d heard the name Bob Lutz.  Bob Lutz is an interesting guy.  Sometimes hearing his name in a story connected with a car company, I’d think isn’t he with the other company? Here is an article that summarizes his career in a nutshell.  He’s always been an automotive guy and has held significant positions in each of the Big Three.  Actually in 2001, he came out of retirement to return to GM after retiring from Chrysler.  In 2009 when he retired for good, he was 76 years old.

Now there is a real role model!  Vibrant, astute, sharp, and obviously a good business person and automotive guru!

So why would Bob Lutz continue to work all these years past typical retirement age?  Obviously the guy has a passion for what he was doing.  It must have given him a huge purpose in life.  Good for him!

When I hear or read about someone like this, it inspires me to continue with the mindset that we are able to be productive and creative in our mature years.  It is so different than it used to be.  We can have the mindset to keep on going and creating and producing.

Who inspires you to continue being productive and achieving your life’s purpose?  What new challenge are you taking on?