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The Legacy Of Steve Jobs

Mondays I write about how wonderful it is to enjoy life after 60!  Today I’m writing about the legacy of Steve Jobs, because he has brought joy to so many people in all demographics.

When I Googled ‘Steve Jobs’ I came across this article entitled, Remembering The Greatest Innovator In The Past Fifty Years.  This is written by Bill George, Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School and it is worth the read.

Many of us have enjoyed using the products that were the innovation of Steve Jobs, and have him to thank as well as a whole bunch of significant support people at Apple.

Here are segments of this article:

With the tragic death of Steve Jobs at the age of 56, the world lost its greatest innovator in the past fifty years. Through his visionary genius, Jobs transformed five separate fields: personal computers with the Macintosh and iMac; animated films with Pixar studios; music players with the iPod; entertainment storage with iTunes; the smart phone with the iPhone; and most recently, created an entirely new field with the iPad.

No one in history has successfully transformed so many different fields.  Jobs was not an engineer or scientist, nor did he make use of traditional marketing techniques such as consumer focus groups. Rather, his creative genius was his ability to perceive what consumers would want before they could articulate it. In a data-based era where everyone is demanding data and “proof” in advance, Jobs used his intuitive abilities to envision the kind of problems that would please consumers and meet their unstated desires.

And make a difference he did! No one in our lifetime has made more unique contributions to the worlds of innovation, of business, or of consumer stimulation. Let us hope that in celebrating his life many other young people will be inspired to go their own ways, trust their intuition, and pursue their dreams and their visions. That could be Steve Jobs’ greatest legacy of all.

Amazing!  The article is worth the read… That’s the life of Steve Jobs!  How fortunate we are.