Daily Archives: October 7, 2011


We’ve all heard of the passing of Steve Jobs.  For anyone who doesn’t recognize that name, he was the founder of Apple.

So many people have written blogs and other thoughts and musings about this man.  Here is one that I received from ‘Think Big, Work Small’… entitled:

Steve Jobs, What Would He Do Today?

We have all heard of the great loss to mankind with the passing of Steve Jobs.

I honestly feel like I have lost a friend with his passing.

Here he was, 56 years old, loved by millions…..

Handsome, clever, witty, enriched countless lives….

….and had billions of $$ in the bank, one of the wealthiest people on earth….

Yet, you and I are infinitely wealthier than he is… As we have TODAY,  and sadly, he does not.

Spend your infinite wealth TODAY on something that matters.  Enrich people’s lives like Steve Jobs did.

Spend your day TODAY, like Steve Jobs would spend it if he could.

Make TODAY count!

Celebrating the gift of TODAY with you TODAY,


What are you doing TODAY?