Daily Archives: October 6, 2011


Certain events in our lives act as a catalyst for us to reflect over the years of our life.  Having spent time with family this past weekend and celebrating a major milestone with my sister and brother-in-law, was just that type of event.

For a number of years, I’ve understood the concept of ‘The Slight Edge‘, as written about in the book by the same name, by Jeff Olson.

Think back over your life or the lifespan of any family, and you will see the principle at work.  When I participated in the celebration of the 50 years they have been married, it was apparent to me that the little things that my sister and brother-in-law did over time, created a great family of three generations — so far.  Little things that they did to raise their three children; little things they’ve done to bond with their grandchildren, and little things they’ve done for the extended family as well, to create a wonderful network of family members.

Wow!  Now, that is something to reflect on.  All the years we go through our lives, do we think about so many years into the future?  Do we know what lies ahead for sure?  Of course not.  But, by doing the little things day in and day out, we give ourselves the best chance for success at a happy family, or good health or good finances, or a successful business.

When we are in the demographic that most of us reading this are in, basically, we have many years on which to reflect.  What are your results so far?  Are you pleased?

Well, on another note…  We’re not done!  We have a long way to go.  As I often hear on Sunday watching a PGA event, the announcers will say, ‘There’s a lot of golf left’.  Well, there’s a lot of life left!

That’s the good news.  We know about the slight edge now.  We can start to work with it, if we aren’t already doing so.

What slight edge things are you doing now?  What have you decided to do starting now?