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Slight Edge On Video

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, is a book I’ve referenced before.  It’s an interesting book by an interesting author.

Numerous times in this website I’ve mentioned and written about Jeff Olson and The Slight Edge.  Here is a video clip at a live event with people who have read his book being interviewed about what the book and concepts have meant to them.

Hopefully you will watch this and benefit from learning about the concepts, if you don’t already know of them.

Let me know what you think.


Recently I mentioned that I’m enjoying reading Little Voice Mastery, by Blair Singer.  There is so much great content in this book.  Although it’s written for sales people, there is some great information in here for everyone.

The title of the chapter on authenticity is named, Authenticity: Winning by Being Real.

We need to focus on what’s going on inside of us.  Authenticity is so important because the degree to which we can get closer to being who we are and stay true to it, is the degree to which we can deliver what’s inside us, our gifts.

Whatever your gift is, be true to it and yourself. Be who you are.  Be whoever you were meant to be.  That is great and that’s enough.

There are those professionals who still buy the idea that people need to be good at lots of stuff.  Think of a workplace.  We’ve probably all experienced work settings where the employer expected everyone to do every part of a created job description, regardless of whether the current person in that position had all the various skill sets for that.

Many people are told they need to work on their weaknesses and improve them.  I believe the pendulum has mostly swung away from this concept.  I concur with Blair Singer in this book as well as other business writers who have indicated that is a ludicrous waste of time.

Personally, I have a philosophy…  It’s either your time or your money.  Meaning, we can hire people to do what we either don’t do well or don’t like to do.  Why spin our wheels trying to improve on an area for which you can hire an expert.

So being authentic is about being who we were meant to be.  Let’s be the person who lives inside us.  Be real.  Be authentic.  That’s how we win.

What are your thoughts on this?

ElderGadget is a site for all kinds of gadgets you may want to know about.  O.K.  I know I’m breaking my ‘self-imposed’ rules…again as I have done in the not so recent past.  I don’t like to use any societal reference to our age-group.  That being said, I believe that this is a site you may want to check out.

How do you feel about ‘gadgets’?  Are you someone who likes whatever is new?  What have you bought lately that you really enjoy using?

Let us hear from you about your favorite gadgets?  Is it the new iPad or some other tablet?  Is it a new smart phone?

What are you using these electronic gadgets for?  Are you a game player?

We’d love to hear from you on all of this.

Coach’s Success After Sixty

Well… Tuesday is the day for ‘Success After Sixty’… I believe Jim Harkema fits that description…(Yes, if the name is familiar ‘sounding’ it’s because he is my husband.

Jim Harkema has had much success as a head football coach at the college/university level.  The last ten years of his career were at the Division I level, where he coached at Eastern Michigan University from the early 80’s to the early 90’s, taking the team to the division championship and California Bowl win in 1987.

He’s been inducted into 4 football halls of fame…  Two as player:  Owosso High School (Wall of Fame, inducted January 2009) and Kalamazoo College for his success on the team as Captain of the Football Team, which went on to championship status in 1962… An unbroken record in the college, still, today.

Jim has been inducted into the Hall of Fame at Grand Valley State University, where he was Head Football Coach from the early 70’s to the early 80’s and had an impressive record.  In the late 1990’s Jim was inducted into the Eastern Michigan University Hall of Fame for his success on the field as Head Football Coach in that program.

O.K., Obviously Jim achieved these honors  mostly before he was sixty.  However, there have been many accolades Jim has achieved since then.

Check this out… You may find it very helpful and be happy to have it at your disposal, if you need some ‘coaching’ about the football calls…  Enjoy!

Much of his success after 60 has been with LegalShield (aka Pre-Paid Legal), being a leader in the state of Michigan and in other ways in LegalShield in our area.

By the way, if you knew nothing about football and wanted to learn, would you find this helpful?

Let us hear from you.

Do You Think Of Yourself As ‘Old’?

The inspiration for this blog post came from the website ‘Savoring Your Sixties’ and Bonnie McFarland.  The blog on this website is perfect for us today, since she is all about how we think about how old we are.

What are you saying to yourself that indicates that you are thinking ‘old’…?  Personally, for me, it was all about initiating the social security payments.  Actually, I am one of a few of my family and acquaintances who opted to wait until the ‘full retirement age’ to start collecting.

Here’s what I noticed…  First, I love getting the deposit every month (like bonus money), but what I noticed is that I am so totally aware that it is ‘Social Security‘, which for years in my awareness was for ‘older’ people, not  for someone my age!

Well, the good news is that I am here to collect Social Security.  I make it a point to never resent/regret any birthday, even though I don’t necessarily enjoy the new number next to the age that I am…

That being said, we need to celebrate every age we attain.  This is such a great thing.  It ‘s all a state of mind as to how we want to think of the event and age that we are.

How are you thinking about your ‘age’?

What Would You Compare Life To?

In looking for something for today, I came across this, which I had posted earlier in the year.  Still a great ‘story’ for us all.

Can you figure how someone could say, “Life is like a cup of coffee”?  Recently I came across this video and took a few minutes to view it.  You may or may not agree with everything contained here, but I believe as you continue watching through to the last part, you will find the last minute pretty memorable.

Enjoy it and feel free to pass it on.

Oregon Sand Castles

Are you aware of the Oregon Sand Castle competition on Cannon Beach in Oregon?  I certainly was not.  Here is the link to this informative website with lots of pictures about how these works of art are created.

This awareness came to me through Margaret Gust, a reader and contributor in Florida.  Thanks Margaret.  She had sent me an email with the finished pictures and I decided to take the easy way and attach the link so you could see all of this for yourself.

This link shows all the preparation and work that goes into the creation of these magnificent pieces.

I was attempting to show one of the pictures in this post, but somehow, it would not show up on our site.

Amazing!  Could you believe that sand castles could look like this?

Thanks Margaret for sharing this with us.

Can You Overcome The Procrastination Of Your Dreams?

Yesterday I mentioned the book, Little Voice Mastery, by Blair Singer.  In the chapter, Self-Value vs. Resistance:  Overcoming the Procrastination of Your Dreams, he makes some great points.

He indicates that we all have a, ‘who I am’ vs. ‘who I could be’ inside of us.  The resistance to getting to the ‘who I could be’, is self-induced.  The value we see in ourselves is diminished, so we aren’t motivated to even attempt to overcome the resistance.

So, low confidence equals high resistance and we won’t accomplish the things we set out to do or become.  And let’s face it, if there is frustration about not having fulfilled our potential at this point in our lives, think of how frustrated we will be in another five or ten years as we think to ourself, “How come I didn’t do it?  Why didn’t I do it?  I should have done it.  It’s too late now and I can’t do it.”  (By the way, it’s never too late.)

Perhaps now is the time to sit down and make a list of who you imagine yourself to be five or ten years from now.  What do you want to be?  What do you want to do?  What do you want to accomplish?  What is it that you want to create?

Yes, we are the age we are now.  The main reason I created this site was to bring together people in our demographic who are excited to continue with life’s adventure and create the future for themselves that they choose.

We have many great role models to look at, some who are living today and some who have gone before.  Lots of people over sixty years old are vibrant and contributing to the world in their own way.  With the Internet and social media that we have at our disposal, it’s a great time to do whatever we’ve always wanted to do (deep down in our heart of hearts…I’ve always liked that expression).

Let us hear from you and what you are going to actually start now, or continue to pursue if you’ve already started.  It’s a great time for us now!

Little Voice

Currently I’m reading Little Voice Mastery by Blair Singer.  I’m a few chapters into this book, and am finding it fascinating.

What he calls the little voice, I’ve always referred to as self-talk.  It’s the little voice that’s constantly talking inside our head.

Your little voice is really the sum of all the experiences and advice you have had in your life that you don’t spend much time actively thinking about.

In our early years, the little voices (our parents) were protecting us from danger.  When we were young and were told by our parents to ‘watch out for this’, ‘don’t do that’, and all the other phrases that got in the way of our exploratory nature, it was really to protect us from dangers in our environment that we were too young to handle at the time.

Now, however, our little voice is often holding us back from doing things that will allow us to grow.  The little voice often prevents us from learning new things.

The little voices are not necessarily good and they are not necessarily bad.  They will lie dormant until they get triggered.

And there’s a difference between the little voice that robs you of success and the voice that tells you not to make irrational decisions without due diligence.

Now, some of you are thinking about the term ‘little voice’ like the phrase referred to by us all when we are talking about people who are less than 100% ‘there‘.  I’m sure you do realize we are not talking about that kind of ‘little voice’, but rather our ‘self-talk’, which by the way, we all do.  Really… Admit it!  You do have a little voice in your head.  Actually more than one!

I’d recommend this book.  He has written it for sales people, but from what I’ve read so far, it would be good for non-sales people as well.

Let me know what you think.

Facebook For Centenarians…

Can you believe that centenarians are learning and using social media?  Folks, that means people over 100 years old!

Yikes… Now those are great role models for us all.  Here is an article you will find interesting, I’m sure.  A lady named, Betty Love Goodykoontz turned 101 years old on September 1st this year.  She is doing a blog…  What a legacy for her family.

The nice thing about the Internet and social media for older people who are in Senior Housing is that they can connect with their friends and family.

More than just a tool or channel for information, the Internet (and social networking, more specifically) has become a way for aging adults to connect to their loved ones and maintain their communities and relationships in ways more powerful than anything they ever imagined.

This article states, by way of a Pew Research poll, that the 74 plus demographic is the fastest growing segment among social networks.  Social networking among Internet users 65 years and older, grew 100% from April 2009 and May 2010.

I’m not much on reporting statistics, but when you read this article you will be amazed by the numbers.  What is truly something is that this has cut down on the depression rate of people who are in senior housing and perhaps don’t see family and friends as much.

I knew I loved the Internet and social media.  What this indicates is that lots of people in our demographic do as well.  Most of you reading this blog, I imagine, would fit this category.

Anyway, what are your experiences with friends and family members, reconnecting with people after a number of years.