Seth Godin–Interesting…

Seth Godin is an author and marketing guru, whose blog I receive through my email, daily,  although there have been some days that I haven’t read them.  I enjoy his writing style.  He’s frank, succinct and I usually get him.

Recently I was reading an email message about an offering he’s making for an upcoming event in NYC, and at the bottom it listed his recent blog posts.  This one caught my eye and I thought it was appropriate for today’s personal development post, here.

What’s amazing is that in this post Seth Godin disputes that the success of Mark Zuckerberg should be attributed to the fact that he is a genius.  You are probably familiar with Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, supposed boy genius who dropped out of Harvard… Well, if you are reading this blog, chances are you know about his product/service/concept and about him.

Seth Godin states in his succinct style, that it was really about the ‘million small choices and not because he has some magical properties’.

Interesting that our friend Jeff Olson states this same concept in his book, The Slight Edge.  It’s about the simple daily disciplines that create what we get!


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