Daily Archives: August 8, 2011

10 Healthy Rules To Live By

This list is by way of Christie Brinkley.  O.K.  She’s not quite sixty years old, but can you believe she is fifty-seven?

When I came across this list, it goes along with what I believe.  I wanted to pass it along here for you:

1.  Family’s first

2.  You’ve got to have friends

3.  Get into the move groove

4.  Never say diet

5.  Smile

6.  Protect our planet

7.  Be in the moment

8.  Spend time in nature

9.  Forget yourself

10.  Be grateful

You might want to read the information behind each of these rules, which you can do in this article.

What are your rules for yourself, for a healthy life?  Would love to hear from you.