Daily Archives: August 7, 2011

We All Need A Caddy

Perhaps we all need a caddy.  After reading an article about the World Golf Championship–Bridgestone Invitational (PGA) event going on this weekend at the Firestone Country Club in Ohio, it occurred to me that this might be a good thing.

A young Australian, Adam Scott, who is in the lead, has given much of the credit for this to his ‘new’ caddy, Steve Williams.  You might remember that recently Steve Williams was fired by Tiger Woods after many years as his caddy.

Scott mentioned in this article that he feels it is the experience and expertise that Williams has, having caddied for Tiger during all seven of his wins at this event on this course, that are helping so much.  Interestingly it is referred to as a weapon in his arsenal.  Williams has been a big help in club selection on various holes, since he has a great feel for how the ball will travel in certain situations.  Of course, that is the job of the caddy for the golfer.

So, maybe we all need a caddy, for life.  Maybe we all could use someone who could advise us about something we’re about to do and give us their expertise about whether or not it makes sense to do that.

Hmmm!!!  Interesting thought.  What do you think?