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WiFi–Privacy Problems

Recently came across this and wanted my readers to know about it.  Wireless Internet is not secure.  We all have been told that, but how many of us really pay attention to the warnings?

It seems from this video clip that the identity thieves are targeting vacationers, travelers and others using wifi connections.

Yes, identity theft happens and we can’t prevent it.  It’s not just about your finances.  What kind of identity theft service are you counting on if you need it?  Would you have a licensed professional do the work to fix it?  Check this out if you are looking for something comprehensive and worry-free.

Hackers Using Social Media To Commit ID Theft

We all use the computer and the Internet.  We need to remember how to be cautious about what personal information we are sharing on our social media sites, like Facebook or Twitter.  Hopefully no one is blabbing when they are going on a trip.  I’m sure we have figured that one out.  Do you know young families who may have children who see no problem with letting their friends know things like this?  Warn them!

We used to need to double lock our doors.  Now we need to take precautions whenever we are on the social media sites letting our friends know what we’re doing.  What precautions are you taking?  Does your identity theft service cover challenges like this?  If not, you may want to check this out.

Everything Affects Everything Else…

‘Everything affects everything else’… Jim Rohn was a great mentor to so many.  His unique way of speaking and delivering his message could never be duplicated.  But his concepts have been carried on by many of our personal development teachers today.

This video is really slides with a voice-over of one of Jim Rohn’s talks.  I usually don’t like this type of thing, except this message is powerful, and therefore I’ve posted it here.

What is your favorite Jim Rohnism?  What have you learned from him?

Zig Ziglar

Recently I came across this video of Zig Ziglar, being interviewed by Chris Widener, talking about how we deal with what happens to us in life.  Found it interesting that he mentions the concept of responding vs. reacting, which I had heard from one of his audio series earlier this week.

Zig Zigler is a fascinating man and has tremendous insight.  Enjoy!

Facebook ID Theft

Normally I don’t pay attention to information about Social Media that is more than a few months old.  This video clip from 2009 on Facebook Identity Theft caught my attention, since it is something to be aware of today.

Yes, as the wonderful world of social media and all things cyber have given us access to so much and so many new and renewed relationships, we need to be vigilant that things are not always as they seem.

As an additional word of caution, if you know a young person who has publicized the year of their birth as well as the date, please tell them to remove it. I mention young people, since my observation is that it is the younger members of Facebook who are more likely to give their year of birth.  Maybe at our age we just don’t want people to know what that year is.  Actually for Facebook, this is a good thing.

A full date of birth is not a good thing to publicize relative to identity theft.  That is one very important piece of information when added to some other things, that identity thieves can use against a victim.

Let me know of any stories you have heard about victims of social media identity theft.  By the way, the service I represent for identity theft, has licensed investigators who know how to deal with cyber identity theft, aka Facebook identity theft.  Let me know if you want more information about it or check this out.

KFC Founder, Success After 60

I’m sure everyone has heard the story of Harland Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame… He was over sixty when he started this business.  A definite success.

I found the following information about Harland Sanders from this website.  Not only is the story about Harland Sanders here, but other interesting stories of people we all have heard of who got their start a bit later than some people.

I say… “What great role models!”


Harland Sanders

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Founded KFC at 62
1890 – 1980 (age 90)

Harland Sanders owned a small gasoline station in Corbin, Kentucky, where he converted a portion of his living quarters at the station to serve customers chicken dishes that he prepared in a back room. As local popularity grew for his chicken, he moved to a motel restaurant and worked as the chef.

After the construction of Interstate 75 reduced customer traffic at the restaurant, in 1952 at age 62, Sanders started franchising Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants using $105 from his first Social Security check to fund visits to potential franchisees.

You got to like your work – because it is worthwhile, that it makes a difference.

– Harland Sanders

Sanders credits his accomplishments to enjoying what he does, saying “You got to like your work. You have got to like what you are doing, you have got to be doing something worthwhile so you can like it – because it is worthwhile, that it makes a difference.”

The next several years were an overwhelming success, and Sanders sold his Kentucky Fried Chicken corporation a dozen years later in 1964 for $2 million (almost $14 million in today’s dollars). Now a division of Yum! Brands, there are more than 14,000 KFC restaurants in 80 countries.


I love stories like this, although most of us had heard of this one before.  It just gives us validation that no matter our age, we can do what we really want to do.

What’s your ‘success after sixty‘ story?

React or Respond?

Do you react or respond to life, to the things that happen around you?

Recently I was listening to some Zig Zigler tapes.  Great insight about a number of things.

One thing he spoke about was the difference between reacting or responding to what happens to us.  Thought-provoking!

The example he provided to distinguish the difference involved medicine we may be prescribed when we are ill.  If we can tolerate the medicine and it heals us, we have responded well to it.  If we cannot tolerate the medicine and it makes us feel worse, we have reacted to it.

He also gave the example of a typical driving situation, now known as ‘road-rage’.  Perhaps you’ve had this happen to you…  Someone cuts you off on the road.  It just sets you off for the rest of the day.  You’ve reacted to it!  If you are like most people in this situation, you remain in your car, take a few moments to have a monolog about how awful the person is (as well as some choice names for him) and it creates a not-so-great rest of the day for you.  Does the other person even know how you are feeling?  Of course not!

What if, when something like this happens, you would instead think about what may be going on with him.  You could create a scenario that would allow you to have empathy for the person, since he may really be having a bad day.  By doing this you are responding to the situation.  You then go on about your day without giving the situation any more thought.

Which gives us the most control?  I think you would agree that our response to something gives us more control that our reaction to it.

How do you deal with these types of situations?  Do you react or respond?

Golf Split

This is a bit of a change from my typical Saturday posts, but I came across it and found it to be timely.

If you follow any kind of sports, you probably watch ESPN to give you a recap on everything.  If you are a golfer, not only will you watch ESPN, but you also watch Golf Channel to get the golf news in-depth.

Tiger Woods, the most famous golfer in the world, this past week, fired his long-time caddie, Steve Williams.  They had been together for twelve years and Steve was Tiger’s caddie for all but one of his major titles.

Here is the story from one I found on the Golf Channel’s website.

So what is your feeling about this if you even have an opinion?  Let us hear from you about it.

Responsibility…Ability To Respond

Responsibility, the ability to respond… Interesting that this word makes sense when it is broken down into its components.

Below is a video with Michael Losier, author of the book, Law of Attraction, describing his take on this concept.  He is all about the Law of Attraction and I’ve posted some of his pieces before (even before the one yesterday).

As a matter of fact, recently I was at a training seminar and one of the speakers, who is a well-respected successful individual in our business, was speaking on this very topic.  He dissected the word in exactly this way.  He was not referring to The Law of Attraction, however.  Our speaker was referring to our we operate as a business person, in fact as a person in life.

What do you think of this concept of responsibility?  What is your ability to respond to what is going on around you?