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How’s Your Attitude?

In rereading the book The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson, I just read a section on attitude.  Actually Jeff sites ‘having a good attitude’ as one of the 7 Slight Edge Principles.

Jeff quotes an interview with John C. Maxwell, which he had recently, in which Mr. Maxwell states the following about the topic of attitude:

When all things are equal, attitude will set you apart from anything else.  When you’re going for a job, it’s the difference maker.  If a girl has a choice between two handsome men where one has a great attitude and the other one has a lousy attitude, nine times out of 10 she’s going to pick the man with the best attitude.  It’s the difference maker for coaches who have two athletes who are of similar skill level and are looking for who to play.  Attitude really is the difference maker.

Another fact about having a good attitude, also mentioned in this chapter, is that it has proven to be a key to a longer life.  A doctor did a study of the longest living civilizations on earth, where people lived well past 100 years of age.  The number one characteristic he found that determined whether you live over 100 years is a positive outlook on life.

Wow!  Some good information, no matter at what age we are now.  Haven’t we all heard by now that it’s not what happens to us in life, but how we deal with what happens to us that really counts!  And doesn’t that equate to three important things:  attitude, attitude, attitude!

How’s your attitude?

Social Media Revolution 2011

Social Media Revolution 2011.  Well, this is hot off the press, so to speak.  According to what I saw on You Tube when I spotted it, it’s from June 11, 2011.  Of course in social media terms, perhaps that isn’t as hot as I think it is!

Anyway, here it is…

The very interesting thing about things relative to the Internet and social media, is that anything you find that is over a few months old, is just about antiquated in terms of statistics and information.  I find that amazing!  And that’s just the way it is today with all of this.

Just One More Thing…

Last week, Columbo died at the age of 83.  Actually, Peter Falk, who portrayed Lt. Columbo on television for so many years, passed away last week.  Here is a link to just one of the many stories you will find when you Google his name.  Did you know that they didn’t even give him a first name on the show?

This article was interesting because it gave information about other parts he played and movies he was in.  I had no idea that he had such a stellar career.  Perhaps you didn’t either.  He was definitely a success after sixty.

Here is a paragraph from this article quoted by the actor himself about the essence of the character he portrayed:  Falk had the best take on Columbo.

“I love him,” he told TV Guide in 2000. “He’s eccentric, oblivious to the impression he makes on people. His obsessiveness is hidden by his graciousness. He has a sly sense of humor, is by nature polite and totally devoid of pretension. But God help anyone who commits murder in Los Angeles.”

And there’s just one more thing… They just don’t make television shows like that anymore!

If We Knew Then…

If we knew then what we know now…  How many times have you said this to yourself over the years?

It’s interesting to look back at a photo of yourself or someone you know, that was taken a number of years ago.  Don’t you think back to that date or year and start reconstructing what was going on in your life at that point?  Or if the picture is of someone you know, what might have been going on in their life?

Recently we’ve been sorting through our stuff and deciding what needed to be tossed and what needs to be kept safe from the elements.  It feels good to have much of this process behind us.  In doing so, it has given my husband and I a chance to go through our personal respective histories of our own and of our families.  Mostly this involves photos.

Our history ‘together’ began just over eight years ago and at this point eight years is like a drop in the bucket when you think of all the years that preceded our meeting.

Perhaps there is a temptation to second-guess about decisions that were made and paths taken to get us to this point.  Then we realize there are no do-overs in life.  My belief is that at any given point in our life, we know what we know and make decisions and choices accordingly.

It’s not if we knew then… We did know then… And decisions were made for the best possible outcome based on who we were at that time and the information we had to make those decisions.

Weather Or Not…

I have taken the liberty of using the term here kind of as a pun, as opposed to having misspelled the word.  I know the phrase is ‘whether or not’, but I’m talking about the weather here.

We in Michigan have had some really bad weather this year so far, and if you live here, you are probably as fed up with it as we are!

We’re just about to the half-way point of the year and haven’t had much summer-type weather and really no spring to speak of.  Yup, seems like we went from winter to not-winter/gray/cool…little bits of sun here and there!

Now really!  If you live in Michigan or somewhere that you feel you haven’t even experienced a spring this year, much less any really good summer weather, this is a lot to absorb!

I like to think things work themselves out to be kind of balanced.  You know, some good weather, some bad weather, some really good weather and some really bad weather.  If you live in Michigan, would you not agree that we are a lot out of balance weather-wise?  When are we going to get some really good weather to balance out the really bad weather we’ve experienced for way too long?

How about even just some good weather?  Weather or not…  I guess we really have no choice but to accept it or move.   Hmmm!

Is It Just Me…?

Is it just me, or is your life moving faster and faster?  Don’t the days just seem to fly by?  Can we believe it is already the end of June…one half of 2011 already gone?

The other day I even heard a talk show guy mention that we are already starting to have less daylight!  Yikes!  Where has the time gone?

People used to talk about the phrase, time management.  Recently I’ve heard more than one professional coach or trainer indicate you can’t manage time, you can only manage yourself.

That is actually a logical concept considering there are a finite number of hours in every day and we are all on a level playing field there.

So, why does it seem that time just speeds up?  I hesitate to finish that thought with the concept of ‘as we get older‘… but I do believe it feels that way.  Is it because we just have so much to do and get done?

Let me know what your thoughts are here.  Is it just me or does your life seem to be moving faster and faster?

What The Mind Can Conceive…

Napoleon Hill, author of the classic book, Think and Grow Rich, is credited with the following phrase:  ‘What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve‘.

The following is a video of Napoleon Hill giving a talk about this concept.  Quite a video, and perhaps you will find it worth your time.  It’s longer than most videos I post and I found it fascinating to view the entire piece.

The concept is so logical and so basic to everything about our lives.  Think about it!

What are your thoughts about Napoleon Hill?  Have you read the book?  Perhaps the question is how many times have you read the book?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Do You Have Social Well-Being?

Recently I came across this article that states that people who ‘use’ Facebook have greater social well-being.

This is about a Pew study report and how Facebook users get more social support than others because they appear more trusted.  Interesting.

This report also states that Facebook users are more politically active than non-Facebook users.

One thing this report states is that Facebook ‘revives’ dormant relationships.  Actually, I have experienced this myself.

What has been your experience in this area?  Have you connected with anyone from your past that you may not have picked up the phone to call?  And what about relatives you may see only occasionally?  Has Facebook been a wonderful way to experience a relationship on an ongoing basis without having to make a phone call and a big deal out of the exchange of ‘news’…  This has been great for me, personally.  What about you?

Personally, I find Facebook a great tool to stay connected with people.  Sure I have ‘friends’ that I don’t even know… We all do.  But somehow, for the people close to me, I can stay connected (to an extent–online anyway) to them and know what’s going on.

What about you?  What are your feelings on this?  Do you have more ‘social well-being’?

Is There A Secret To Success?

The following is a post I did a few months back. John C. Maxwell is a favorite of many of my friends and I thought this was worth seeing again.


John C. Maxwell is the author of a book I’m currently reading, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.  He is seen here in this video giving a short, succinct talk about the secret to success.  Pretty powerful!  He is definitely someone who is successful after sixty.  Actually, his success started way before he turned sixty.

A great read… You might want to consider it if you haven’t yet read it.