Daily Archives: May 12, 2011

How Do You React?

How do you react to what happens to you on a daily basis?  What about something that totally throws you off your stride?

Some people are not sure what is meant by personal development, so I thought I’d put it in real terms.  We are all going through life on our own terms… We live our own life, deal with our own stuff and personally feel the results of what happens to us.

So how do we react to what happens to us?  This is the time when we see the results of being ‘personally developed’.  What about when bad stuff happens?  When something comes up in our life that throws off our rhythm of life!

Are you able to keep your head initially when faced with an issue/problem/disaster?  Are you able to figure out and decide what to do to start to deal with this multi-faceted issue?  Are you able to handle the challenges you are facing and still be civil to those around you?  An important thing to be able to do!

Recently we were faced with a water problem in our home, which precipitated a call to a disaster restoration company.  They worked on the initial problem in our finished lower level for seven hours last weekend and left a bunch of heavy duty fans, water extraction units  and dehumidifiers all running simultaneously… huge ‘white noise’!

For me, this is the true test of how we handle life!  How do we really handle these life challenges and proceed to get us to the other side of the issue?  For me, this is the concept of putting into practice, all of the personal development we’ve acquired from reading books, listening to CD’s, etc.

In a dialog I had with the key guy in our home, on the job for us last weekend, the subject came up about dealing with the loss of stuff that represents our history.  These guys deal with this all the time!  He told me that I was handling it pretty well, based on what had happened and how others have dealt with it.

I felt good about hearing that.  At least there was some positive to all the negative stuff around this issue.

So, how do you react to what happens to you?  What would you do about this?  How would you handle all of it?